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Stick Your Head Inside Total Warhammer Launch Trailer

A fancy 360° VR-y doodad

The launch trailer for War of the Hammers: Hammer War - Total Warhammer [official site] has arrived ahead of its release tomorrow. By the power of dark chaos magicks, it's a 360° "interactive" sort of a doodad, which means you can spin the view around to admire different bits of the war: the hammers etc. It'll tell you far less about the game than reading Rob Zacny's review [smooth plug -#content ed.] but hey, haven't you always wanted to stick your head inside a Total Hammer War? Here, have a go:

Watch on YouTube

You can drag the video around to shift the view, or phone apps will let you spin around, or you can see it in proper VR view by throwing your phone at some cardboard (I think that's right?). The most remarkable thing to me about this trailer is how heavily compressed YouTube's 360° videos are. Maybe select a version with a higher resolution than your screen, as for me that still seems to come out a little prettier after being crunched down.

Total Warhammer will unlock at 8am British Summer Time on Tuesday, May 24th. Check this to see what that means in your particular time zone, but basically it's the stroke of midnight in Pacific time and 9am across much of Europe.

So what's War Of The Hammers like? Rob concluded:

"But the more I play, the more convinced I become that this is a game that makes a devil's bargain. It feels exactly the way a Warhammer-themed Total War game should feel, and creates tons of dramatic battles and storylines over the course of each campaign. But to reliably generate all that excitement and tension, it secretly disconnects many of the strategic systems that hold good Total War games together. So do you want a good Warhammer game, or a good Total War game? Because I’m less and less convinced that you’ll find both inside Total Warhammer."

I guess you'll have to read the rest to see what brought him to that conclusion [an extra shiny button in your pay packet this week -ed.].

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