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Hearthstone's Next Adventure: One Night In Karazhan

The tough guys tumble

"One night in Karazhan makes a hard man humble!" Murray Head almost sang in 1982. "Not much between despair and ecstasy." Though it'd be another dozen years before Warcraft first came out, and two decades more before Hearthstone [official site], clearly he knew. "One night in Karazhan and the tough guys tumble / Can't be too careful with your company / I can feel Medivh walking next to me," he almost sang. And he was almost right: Blizzard have announced that the next Hearthstone Adventure add-on is 'One Night in Karazhan', venturing to Medivh's magical tower.

Medivh is throwing a right rager and you're invited. In typical Hearthstone Adventure style, it's a singleplayer expansion with different 'wings' to raid in search of rewards - shiny new cards. Yes, while it's styled is a huge bash in Medivh's tower, I'm sure you are more interested you're going in the cards than the festivities.

"One town's very like another," Head sang dismissively, "When your head's down over your pieces, brother."

But remember the message of his backing singers: "It's a drag, it's a bore, it's really such a pity / To be looking at the board, not looking at the city."

Do try to enjoy the celebration, won't you?

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One Night in Karazhan will kick off on August 11th. This particular Adventure will have a free Prologue chapter, which offers two cards as prizes. Beyond that, it'll be $19.99 to buy into all four wings or they'll cost $6.99 each then offer discounts on buying the rest.

Watch on YouTube

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