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Hearthstone Tavern Brawl Brings Co-op Challenge

Stop beating up your pals

Blizzard gave Hearthstone [official site] a rotating lineup of special modes and altered rulesets with Tavern Brawl, and the latest brings a much-requested feature: co-op. Kinda. Ish. The 'Unite Against Mechazod' brawl kicked off this afternoon, with a two-player challenge to take down a gnomish inventor. It may not be quite the co-op mode you've wanted, but it is an interesting addition.

Blizzard explain:

"You'll each be piloting a pre-built deck assembled to give both you and your partner on the other side of the board a chance to take out the technological terror. Each turn he'll move from your side of the board to your friend's, and you'll need to play your cards just right to bring him down together. Watch out! If one of you is defeated, then you both are, so don't be stingy with the heals."

It sounds a wee bit janky, but hey, co-op Hearthstone! Blizzard have never announced plans for proper co-op, 2v2, or other such modes, but I wonder if they're testing the waters with this.

To soften doubling your chances of losing, it'll give you that one brawl bonus card pack simply for finishing your first game - win or lose. It's always nice when you lose a fight and lie on your back outside the pub, gasping as your diaphragm cramps up, then have someone casually shower cards over your sweating shame.

This brawl will run to the normal Tavern Brawl schedule, ending on Monday. And hey, BlizzCon 2015 is this weekend so maybe they'll have new Hearththings to announce.

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