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Hearthstone's Tavern Of Time brings unique time-bending cards

Dare you summon... the Infinite Murloc?

28 new cards have arrived in Hearthstone from parts--and times--unknown, passing through in the latest event. 'Taverns Of Time' brings new cards to Arena drafts, which mess with time in interesting ways. You might play summon the recursive powers of the Infinite Murloc and Infinite Wolf, copy your opponent's cards, boost forward through several turns, recover all-powerful old cards exiled to the Hall Of Fame, and even play accelerated turns with a time limit of 15 seconds. Curious! Started today, the event will run until July - but be careful you don't run out of time.

You can see all the cards collected in these two piccies from Blizzard (click to embiggen):

I do like that the cards play with time in many ways, jumping around in the timelines of both the wizard battles that Hearthstone simulates and the game of Hearthstone itself - I'm enamoured with the touch of Wildlands Adventurer finding a random card from Hearthstone's Hall Of Fame.

Oh, and you get gold and Arcane Dust as rewards for new quests in the event.

Taverns Of Time started today and will end on July 2nd, vanishing the cards into the aether. That's plenty of time to play... or is it?

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