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Hell's Bells, It's Another Mad Max Trailer

I’m a sucker for game footage set to an AC/DC soundtrack. I used to watch this obscure channel on Sky, Game Network, which would often take out of context gameplay footage and set it to completely unrelated, often tonally opposite, music. They had Kameo: Elements of Power set to AC/DC’s Are You Ready and it worked fantastically. Shame the game ended up being terrible. Hopefully Mad Max [official site] won’t suffer the same fate, despite the new E3 trailer having AC/DC’s Hell’s Bells as its soundtrack.

The trailer introduces you to the villain of the game, a wasteland warlord by the name of Scrotus. First name Scabrous, naturally. He seems to be as unpleasant as his name suggests, which will make tracking him down across the desolate Australian outback to kill him and his “war boys” that much more satisfying. Honestly, what sort of parents would name a kid Scabrous Scrotus? No wonder he became a murderous tyrant.

Mad Max is out relatively soon, which is probably why we’re seeing so many new trailers for the game of late. You’ll be able to pave your own fury road on September 4th when the game releases.

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