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Here's a shirtless Carlos mod for Resident Evil 3—you're welcome

Jill sandwich? Try Carlos casserole.

Alright, you've all beat the Resident Evil 3 remake once now, right? Time to add some juicy mods. I've found the perfect one for you to try first. It's a shirtless Carlos Oliveira. You're welcome. It's brought to us by modder "Tzarev"  with the simple but effective description: "Carlos' meaty pecs exposed." Yes, quite.

The first thing to notice is like, wow, Carlos is very shiny. Perhaps he's got a new zombie-repellent technique involving a vat of olive oil. Oliveira oil? Eh? They can't bite you if they can't grab you. Tzarev has really done our guy Carlos some justice here. He may be sculpted as heck but he's got scars too. This guy has seen some things in Raccoon City.

"My eyes are up here, Jill."
Image credit: Tzarev

Tzarev says that this mod edits Carlos' head and body meshes but it should work alongside hair mods. That means you can load up a mod for Carlos' classic hair from 1999 if for some reason you don't love his 2010-era Justin Bieber locks. In his Resident Evil 3 review, even Nate admits that Carlos is sexy, though he's not sure "whether that’s because of or despite his ridiculous hair."

Naturally, there are sexy mods for Jill as well. Shirtless Carlos deserves a special shoutout because I'm sure you can guess how the ratio of Sexy Jill to Sexy Carlos mods is skewed. Here's yer (sexy) battlesuit Jill, bikini Jill, another bikini Jill, and swimsuit Jill.

If you'd like some extra lad though, make sure to go check out Shirtless Carlos Oliveira. Thank you for your service, Tzarev.

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