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Hex: Shards Of Fate Launches New Card Set

Pick a card, any card!

Ooh, it's a veritable game of 400-card pick-up this week! Blizzard's Hearthstone is blasting a new expansion, and fellow free-to-play card 'em up Hex: Shards of Fate [official site] is flinging a huge wad of new cards around too. Hex yesterday launched its fourth card set, named Primal Dawn, which adds over 250 new cards, a new card ability, a new tournament format, and all that.

So, that's over 250 collectible cards, and 300 new cards in all. Get casting, wizards? From Friday, a launch event will offer two fancy cards with alternate art - one for taking part in the special tournaments, and the other for winning one.

As for the new format, Evolving Gauntlet is meant to be a cheaper type of sealed deck tournament that's friendlier to new players. Not requiring a solid deck like constructed and costing less to enter than sealed and draft tournaments, Evolving Gauntlet gives players two proper booster packs to start with and another three with only commons and uncommons. And there's that whole 'evolving' thing. Hex Entertainment explain:

"Unlike Sealed Deck Gauntlet, which awards you an additional pack per win at the end of your run, Evolving Gauntlet buffs your available card pool during your run. Like Sealed Deck Gauntlet, you can completely rebuild your deck from your sealed pool in-between matches, including swap your champion. Use these new cards and make your existing deck more powerful or completely change your build around a newfound legendary card!"

You get more packs as you go, see, rather than a wodge held back to the end.

Hex finally launched its first bit of PvE singleplayer in January. It was only the first step, with Hex Entertainment saying more adventures are to follow.

You can download the Hex client over here, or it recently launched on Steam now too.

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