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Hitman 2 Miami walkthrough: how to assassinate Robert Knox and Sierra Knox

Here's how to beat The Finish Line

Miami is home to high-octane racing, as well as the setting for the second mission in Hitman 2. This will be your first step into some of the more complex sandboxes. Miami is vast, essentially split into two sections: The loud and crowded racetrack and the quiet and empty marina. You're on the clock as well this time around, as this level introduces some time limits on certain assassination methods, so you’ll get to see how a level develops over time. It is indeed possible to miss certain opportunities though it’s not a big deal if you do; it just gives you fresh ideas for the next run. This guide will go over the two assassination targets, as well as some other points of interest you may want a heads up on.

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Hitman 2 Miami walkthrough

Written by James Pickard and Dave Irwin

If you are just starting out, you might want to familiarise yourself with some tips on starting load-outs how to be an effective assassin in our Hitman 2 guide hub. If you want to go in a little more prepared for specifically the Miami mission though, read on.

In this mission, your objective is to eliminate father and daughter pair, Sierra and Robert Knox. The former is participating in the ongoing endurance race event, while the other mostly spends his time toiling away over in his company’s nearby offices, the Kronstadt building. When you start the level for the first time, you can freely watch the race as a spectator by passing a quick frisk or head away from the track to explore the peaceful marina.

For the most part, the targets will be separated into these two areas, with Sierra sticking to the race track and backstage sections, while Robert lurks in the Kronstadt building with the odd venture towards the marina. It is possible to orchestrate a situation where the two are together if you want to try for the elusive double kill, either during the race or when the prizes are being awarded.

However, the most straightforward method is to consider them as two separate missions and focus on eliminating one first before moving onto the other. Use the mission stories to give you hints for unique assassination or read on for some advice from us.

Miami targets: Robert Knox, Sierra Knox

Robert Knox is usually holed up in the Kronstadt building, though there are a few things you can do to draw him from his hideout. One of the most sadistic is to pose as General Ted Mendez and sabotage the demo of his latest technical breakthrough: android soldiers. You can exploit the confidence he has in the tech’s targeting system to have him killed by his own creation, but maybe bring a picture of the man himself when you go to test it.

On a similar theme, an experimental race car is on display in the expo hall of the Kronstadt building. No one else is allowed to repair it if something goes wrong, so why not pull a few wires here or there and rig it to explode when he tries to fix it again?

Sierra Knox has a fairly strict routine that provides a variety of opportunities for you to step in a finish the job. You can kill her during the race, mainly by tinkering with her car during a pit stop, or if you’re feeling ambitious a sniper rifle bullet from the rafters. Good luck with the latter.

Once the race is done you can crash a clandestine meeting she’s having with a blackmailer by posing as him and kicking her down an elevator shaft. There are also chances to end her life by posing as a medic, her biggest rival Moses Lee or by sending her up in flames as she lifts the winning trophy.

Agent 47 in a polo shirt, sat on a bench and reading a newspaper.

Miami points of interest

Parking Garage - This area is heavily signposted and has a couple of interesting things to look out for when you make your way to it, such as the starting point for the Pretty in Pink mission story. Beware, the area is covered in cameras, but, fortunately, the CCTV hub is right in the centre of the garage and the guard has fallen asleep in front of it. You’ll need the Kronstadt building keycard to gain access.

VIP area - After you enter the main ticketed area for the race, you’ll see signs for the VIP area all along the right-hand side. You’ll need a ticket or a suitable disguise to get in, which you can find all about if you scroll down a little further.

Driver’s lounge - Through the VIP area you can also gain access to the Driver’s lounge, which is where, unsurprisingly, Sierra Knox and other drivers will hang out after the race. If you want you can simply get involved in the party atmosphere. You can also partake in or sabotage the ridiculous chilli shot challenge.

Pit room - Far off to the right side of the map is the pit room. There’s not a lot incredibly exciting to find here, but it does play a big part in a number of Sierra Knox’s potential assassination methods if you want to make this race her last.

Winner’s podium - On the other hand, you can let Sierra Knox win the race and end her life in her moment of glory. The winner's podium is directly behind the Kronstadt building, where you’ll find the pressure system for the pyrotechnics as well as the winning trophy if you want to mess with either of those.

Kronstadt building - Away from the chaos of the race is the imposing Kronstadt building. Some sections are open to the public, including the expo hall, where you can mess with the company’s experimental new racing car. There’s also an aquarium, though you’re not supposed to enter it. On the executive floor is where all the interesting tech hides, some of which you can have a play with for some murderous results.

Agent 47 in a polo shirt standing in a busy corridor with lots of revellers nearby.

Miami disguises

Mascot - If you haven’t unlocked the starting position that grants you the mascot disguise, the best place to find one is in the back of the parking garage. It's where you can trigger the Pretty in Pink mission story, in which doing the first few steps on this gets the distressed man wearing it on the move. When he's in the corner of the car park, you can then quietly take him down and steal the costume.

Pit crew - The easiest place to get a pit crew disguise is by wandering into the north stands of the race track. There you’ll come across a frustrated pit crew member who is threatening to quit the Kronstadt team. While he’s shouting down the phone, he’ll carelessly wander towards all the toilet cubicles where you’ll be able to subdue him, hide him in the nearby bin and sport your slick new duds.

Security guard - By those very same toilets at the back of the racetrack, a lone security guard is listlessly watching an unimportant gate. Lure him in the corner by throwing an ever-enticing coin and you can plonk him in the same bin as the pit crew member after stealing his uniform.

Waiter - It’s best if you have legitimate access to the VIP area before attempting to get this one. Around the back of the big red Kronstadt paddock is a waiter having a cigarette break. An obvious target to add to 47’s wardrobe.

Technician - In the expo hall of the Kronstadt building, you can carefully slip back behind the walls to the right of the experimental sports car to find a couple of technicians loitering about. There’s a convenient box to hide one of their bodies in too.

Ted Mendez - In the heat of Miami, a bloke in full military gear is pretty easy to spot. Ted Mendez can be found by the massive dolphin statues directly outside the main entrance to the Kronstadt building. He’ll wander off towards the sea every so often if you’re looking for a good place to take him out quietly.

Miami items

Rat poison - We’ve found some hiding away in the shack opposite the docks in the marina. You’ll need a lockpick or crowbar to get through the door to access it, though.

VIP tickets - An awful scalper is attempting to sell VIP tickets in the last corridor to the stands by the portaloos and the medical tent. You can punish him for his scummy practices by tossing a coin to lure him around the corner, knock him out and steal the VIP tickets for yourself.

Sugar - An odd item, but necessary for one of the ways you can explosively end Sierra Knox’s life. You’ll find some hidden behind the bar in the driver’s lounge.

Octane Booster - This experimental fuel supplement can bring a fiery end to Robert Knox. You’ll need to sneak into the garage behind the race car in the Kronstadt building expo hall, where there’ll be some sitting on the shelf in the top corner.

Krondstadt building key card - Again, behind the walls of the expo hall by the racing car in the Kronstadt building, a key card is sitting on the table directly on the right as you enter the back area. A technician is usually standing by it so use caution.

Agent 47, disguised as a mascot, looking at the race car on a podium. One security guard is standing watch.

Hitman 2 Miami tips

  • Miami is a big place so don’t expect to see everything on your first run. Take your time to explore and discover things for yourself – you’re bound to find something interesting.
  • To enter the racetrack you’ll need to be frisked, so you can’t have any obvious weapons in your inventory when you try to enter. Agency drop-offs can put a sniper rifle or other weaponry in the level for you, but you need to unlock them first.
  • If you want to access the off-limit areas of the racetrack, get yourself a security guard or pit crew disguise. Some people inside will recognise you, but it’s a quick way in. Or you can steal the VIP tickets from the scalper.
  • You can influence the outcome of the race from the Race Marshall’s hut next to the winner’s podium. From here you can wave flags to disqualify Sierra Knox or her main rival Moses Lee.
  • You can find the ‘Florida Man’ on the jetty in the marina for one of the level’s more unusual ways to assassinate your targets.

After taking both of them out and escaping without being seen, it's onto the next mission. You can always jump back to our Hawke's Bay location guide if you want to take the tutorial mission once more, otherwise it's onto our Santa Fortuna location guide. To be an expert assassin in this mission, you can find hints at our Miami Silent Assassin guide, or you can jump back to our Hitman 2 guide hub and choose your next destination from there.

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