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Hitman 3's elusive targets - and Santa - are returning this month

Plus new contracts, missions and more

Hitman 3 is getting a second season of updates in 2022, including raytracing and VR on PC. Before the second season, however, comes the season of winter. In a new roadmap video and post, IOI have outlined a new Santa mission for the murder sim, plus the return of old elusive targets.

If reading isn't your thing, here's the roadmap presented in a video:

Cover image for YouTube videoHITMAN 3 - Winter Roadmap (Holiday Special)

I'm mostly interested in this for Santa. Agent 47 returns to Paris to stop thieves Harry and Marv from stealing Christmas, and if you complete the mission you unlock the Santa 47 suit. This new mission is called Holiday Hoarders and it's a permanent addition to Hitman 3, though it's also included in Hitman 3's free "starter pack" for the duration of December.

Season two will bring a new mode called the Elusive Target Arcade, but before that all the Hitman 3 elusive targets released so far are reactivated from tomorrow (Dec 3rd) until January 19th. They're being turned on one at a time, starting with the Ascensionist in Dubai, Hitman 3's opening mission.

Hokkaido is also getting a winter makeover, with a Hokkaido Snow Festival mission in which you can hurl snowballs and unlock new snow gear.

You can read about all the coming additions over on the IOI site, including new contracts and dates for each of the returning elusive targets. It's nice that bigger updates are on the way to the already excellent Hitman 3, but these themed missions are welcome, too.

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