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"Brand new content" coming to Hitman

No time off for 47

IO continue to keep Agent 47 in work, despite the final Elusive Contract for Hitman [official site] finishing earlier in the year, and also despite being dumped by Square Enix. This month will see the big baldy assassin hunt down marks in more player-created 'featured contracts', a new challenge pack, and a new set of featured contracts chosen by Hatch, a Hitman speedrunner. Also expect to hear about some "brand new content" near the end of the month.

The Master Scarecrow Challenge Pack includes five challenges for the Colorado map, the only one to not receive a challenge pack until now. Completing all five challenges will net you a new item that Agent 47 can use, but IO are keeping schtum about what exactly the item is until next week.

IO have been sifting through player-made contracts, and they’ve picked out 10 of the most attention grabbing. Like the challenge pack, you’ll be able to play them come October 13. And if you’ve made a contract that you think deserves to be featured, plug it on the Hitman forums.

Later in the month, Hatch’s contract picks will be showcased. That’s another 10 contracts for you to try and pull off. I absolutely love this, since it ensures that a more diverse set of missions will rise to the top. Hatch’s picks are probably going to be different from what IO would choose, as well as what other players selected in previous months. If you want to know more about his choices, keep an eye out for another blog post later this month.

On top of this, IO are also poised to reveal "brand new content" for Hitman on October 24. Unfortunately they make clear that it's not Season 2, which is what we all really want. Aside from attempting to keep expectations in check, IO are not giving anything away, so we'll just have to wait to find out. My money's on a new set of Halloween-themed Elusive Contracts, but I've got nothing to go on aside from my excellent gut.

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