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Hitman's Elusive Targets start repeating today

One more chance

The 'Elusive Target' missions of Hitman, those one-off murders only available for a brief period of actual real time before they vanish forever, return today. That makes them two-off murders, I suppose. The original run of Elusive Targets will start a second run today, offering people who missed them another opportunity. People who tried and failed to kill a target the first time don't get another go and must live with that shame forever, mind.

As before, the first Elusive Target is Sergei Larin, The Forger. As of 1pm today, he is now somewhere in Paris waiting for you to murder him. Elusive Targets are light on information so you'll need to find him first. You can restart attempts in progress but if the target escapes or Ian Hitman dies, the opportunity is lost forever. I suppose you could look up a solution from the first time but tch! where's the fun in that?

Alex Spencer wrote about how much he enjoyed the fleeting opportunity to murder The Forger the first time. Completing Elusive Targets unlocks fancy outfits too.

While The Forger's first deathchance was only 48 hours long, this time he's around for ten days. Developers IO Interactive loosened the restrictions on later targets and it seems they're carrying that over for the repeat run.

As before, Elusive Targets will be released every now and then. If you fancy receiving reminders as each one returns, the official Hitman Companion app will oblige you. It's available for iOS and Android.

Do remember that IO are also absolutely definitely making a new Hitman game too.

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