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Summer Hols: Hitman's Summer Bonus Episode Is Out

Pleasant summer evenings

Ian Hitman is off on his summer sols. He's packed his swimming trunks (with garotte drawstring), his beach ball (infused with francium to explode when hurled into e.g. a water polo match), his goggles (infrared vision obvs), his camera (firing poison darts), and his sunscreen (a slaphead's gotta be careful!) and headed into the Hitman [official site] Summer Bonus Episode, which launched today. It doesn't add new areas but it does re-work Sapienza and Marrakesh a little for two new missions. Someone's filming a sci-fi action movie in Sapienza with a honking great robot, for starters.

The Summer Bonus Episode sends Ian to Sapienza to bop that robomovie's star, while he'll be in the night markets of Marrakesh to knock off naughty men making "a billion dollar deal". If you want to get technical, these are set before the rest of the game, separate from the main story. These also bring new Challenges and new Opportunities, and will make these potential settings for future Escalation Contracts and Elusive Targets. Here, have a look at the murderous summer nights in this trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

As for how to get this episode, it'll be given to everyone who's bought the full game in any form. It'll be sold separately later for folks who own have bits and pieces.

A third mission is coming too, to launch alongside the individual release of this episode. No word yet on when that'll be.

Oh, in other Hitman news, the next Elusive Target will be gurning actor Gary Busey. He won(?) a vote against Gary Cole. Publicity stunts are weird, man.

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