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Horizon Forbidden West has reportedly been delayed until 2022

It's still unconfirmed for PC, of course

Horizon Forbidden West hasn't been announced for PC, but it's surely only a matter of time. Perhaps more time than before: Bloomberg report that the robo-dino murder 'em up has been delayed into 2022.

GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb originally shared the rumour during his Giant Bomb show on Thursday, saying that it was still "undecided" whether the game would be delayed. Bloomberg's source reportedly confirmed to Jason Schreier that Forbdden West had been delayed into the "first quarter of 2022".

Neither Sony or developer Guerrilla Games have confirmed the delay. If it has been delayed, it wouldn't be a surprise given several other delays of big budget games. 2021's release schedule currently looks relatively sparse at the tail end of the year, in part due to production delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and many studios needing to adjust to home working.

Horizon Forbidden West is the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. It again stars Aloy, an exiled hunter who spends her time tracking and stabbing robot dinosaurs because of reasons. Zero Dawn made its way to PC last year - Nate loves it - and it was the first in Sony's ongoing plans to port their biggest series to PC. Days Gone followed earlier this year, with Uncharted 4 next in line.

Although, maybe Forbidden West is delayed because Aloy will be spending this winter season visiting Genshin Impact instead. Probably not though.

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