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Horizon Zero Dawn PC patch stops Aloy being a tiny child forever

They also fixed another batch of very specific crashes

The battle to make Horizon Zero Dawn stop crashing on PC continues with the game's latest patch, which came out this week. Turns out there are an awful lot of ways for Guerrilla's cyber dino-hunting adventure to crash, from GPU hangs to AI aiming at weird places. These are amongst the issues solved this week, as is a slightly weirder problem which caused players to get stuck in preteen Aloy's body long after she should've turned into an adult.

One player posted their own weird experience with the childhood bug on Reddit (via Kotaku) last month, explaining that their game crashed during the cutscene where main character Aloy is supposed to grow up. As a result, when they loaded back in, they were just running around as her tiny self, with no idea she was supposed to look any different.

I crashed during the cutscene where Aloy grows up, so apparently the game thought she never hit puberty. I ran around as kid Aloy for 15 minutes in vain and only found out after I gave up and watched a walkthrough on youtube. from r/horizon

Update 1.03 has fixed that now, however, along with a few more specific crashes. Here's the list straight from the patch notes:

  • Fixed a GPU resource leak which could build up over time and cause instability.
  • Fixed a GPU hang that caused a crash that could occur when Asynchronous Compute was used.
  • Fixed a crash when AI would try to aim at an invalid position.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when sound obstruction was calculated in highly detailed areas.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when moving the game to a monitor with different DPI settings while in the menu.
  • Fixed an issue where some players would crash on startup due to incorrect memory allocation.
  • Fixed a GPU hang that would occur when the window was resized to a very small size.

Other resolved things not to do with crashes include a fix to snow deformation not working properly, and a fix for the Concentration skill which would sometimes just not work at all.

If you don't see your problem listed here, it may be worth taking a look back at the previous patch notes. Horizon's first update to address start-up issues as well as problems with game saves came out last month, and a second patch fixing some more specific crashes to do with the game’s shader optimisation process followed shortly after.

Guerrilla have noted that there are still plenty of bugs they're aware of, however, and haven't had a chance to sort yet. These include performance issues with specific GPUs and hardware setups, as well as graphics settings issues causing Anisotropic Filtering and HDR to not work properly.

Any more bugs and issues you might have encountered can be reported over on Guerrilla's website.

And if you think these bugs are bad, you should take a look at what Katharine discovered when she was benchmarking the game last month. Somehow, Horizon Zero Dawn became an empty low-poly world/a>, revealing some haunted images of a poor faceless Aloy.

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