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Horizon Zero Dawn's first patch fixes some crashes

There's another patch coming next week, too

If you've been hounded by technical problems in the PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn, I have some good news for you. Today, Guerrilla Games released a small patch for the formerly PS4-exclusive dinobot adventure to fix a bunch of performance issues. Crashes, random bugs with Steam and Windows profile names, and broken slowdown mechanics are but a few issues this update has addressed. Guerrilla plan to release another patch next week to fix more lingering problems.

The v1.01 patch notes detail problems addressed today. It includes fixes for start-up crashes, a bug stopping some players from being able to save their game, and more. It also improved diagnostics for reporting crashes, which should help them get to the bottom of remaining issues.

As Katharine found out first hand, the game has also suffered problems with things including anisotropic filtering and framerate stuttering. Guerrilla say they're still looking into those, among other issues, and do warn that this patch has not fixed all the crashes. They expect to release another patch next week, though they haven't yet confirmed what that update will fix.

If you're still finding problems that aren't mentioned in Guerrilla's post, you can report them over on their website.

Despite the technical difficulties some suffer, Nate gave the game an RPS Bestest Best award in his Horizon Zero Dawn review, saying "it's one of the best adventures you can go on inside a telly, and one of the most beautiful, too." And Katharine's Horizon Zero Dawn benchmarks show the game does run pretty well when it's not misbehaving.

If you're a fan of hunting robot dinosaurs and you fancy your chances with the tech issues, Horizon Zero Dawn is available on Steam and the Epic Games Store for £40/€50/$50.

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