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How to pass time in Starfield

Get some well-deserved rest

A blonde man asleep on a space bed in Starfield
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bethesda Game Studios

Wondering how to pass time in Starfield? Time in Starfield passes naturally, but when a quest or mission requires waiting, if you’re trying to sneak past an NPC that goes to sleep, or if you just want the buffs that sleeping provides, you might want to speed things up by passing time manually. Luckily, this is quite the easy process, as long as you’ve got the correct furniture to rest on.

Here’s everything you’ll need to know about passing time in Starfield.

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How to pass time in Starfield

To pass time in Starfield, simply find a chair or bed. Once you sit down in a chair, you’ll be given the option to wait. Selecting this option will bring up a prompt asking you how long you want to wait for. Sleeping is a little bit more straightforward — simply interact with a bed and it’ll automatically bring up a similar prompt. Whether it’s a chair or bed, once you’ve chosen your resting spot and brought up the prompt, enter the length of time you want to pass (it can be up to 24 hours) and then get some well-deserved rest.

While both chairs and beds are viable options for passing time, sleeping offers an extra 10% XP boost as a well-rested buff, and sleeping next to a companion you’ve romanced will increase this buff to 15%. Sweet dreams!

That's all the information we've got on passing time in Starfield! If you're looking for a companion to help bring your well-rested buff from 10% to 15%, we've got your back with our guide on romancing each companion. Or, if you're looking to invest in a ship with a comfy new sleeping setup, here's our list of every ship (and our list of free ships in case you're trying to save money).

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