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In Your Face: Character Creation In Elder Scrolls Online

Face war!

How do you take your Elder Scrolls characters? Green? Purple? Thick? Lean? With one lump or two hundred disfiguring scars and gashes? These are questions you should probably begin asking yourself - at least, if you plan on playing The Elder Scrolls Online when it launches next year. True to Elder Scrolls tradition, the big, hopefully not bad MMO spin-off will allow for character customization out the wazoo, which sounds really painful. In reality, however, it looks like quite a pleasant feature, although the series' history of bizarre, uncanny valley unfriendly faces might have a thing or two to say about that. Venture into this post's frigid southern reaches for a video.

Sliders! So many sliders. And none of them are obnoxiously tiny hamburgers to my knowledge, either. That's always a plus.

So yeah, it looks like pretty standard Elder Scrolls customization, which puts it a cut above many other MMOs in that respect. Admittedly, the game hasn't done much to wow me in the past (or even with more recent, first-person-combat-enabled builds, for that matter), but it is looking decently OK-ish by traditional MMO standards.

That's just me, though. How's the general consensus on this one looking these days? Are you warming up to it, or is your shoulder as cold as those of pretty much all Skyrim residents, whose light garb in the face of bitter frozen wastes never ceases to amaze me?

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