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Incoming Starfield updates will include DLSS, HDR controls, FOV slider and ultrawide monitor support

After a small hotfix aimed at smaller bugs and stability

A character pilots a ship in Starfield.
Image credit: Bethesda

Bethesda has detailed a number of incoming quality-of-life improvements and expanded graphical options headed to Starfield in a regular series of updates.

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The “regular interval of updates” will follow a small hotfix due out first, which will aim to squish out bugs, improve stability and address some of the game’s “few top issues” affecting players, Bethesda said in a blog post.

After that, the devs outlined plans to introduce some of the features requested most by the community, including a bevy of graphical options. Among the headline features inbound is support for Nvidia’s DLSS tech on PC, an FOV slider, the ability to customise HDR via a dedicated calibration menu - alongside general controls for brightness and contrast - and support for ultrawide 32:9 monitors. Oh, there’ll also be a dedicated ‘eat’ button for chowing down space food.

Alongside the bigger features will be various stability and performance improvements, Bethesda said, as the studio works with Nvidia, AMD and Intel on dedicated drive support.

Beyond that, Bethesda reiterated that built-in mod support similar to the cross-platform Creations framework seen in Skyrim and Fallout 4 will come to Starfield in early 2024. A number of user-made mods on PC have already addressed some of Starfield’s missing features, introducing custom DLSS support, performance improvements (even if it comes at the expense of textures) and more.

“Until then, we know our PC community is already very active in the modding space and if you have any feedback on how we can make this better, please let us know,” the team wrote. “Modding and creating in our games will always be a vital and important part of who we are, and we love seeing the community get off to such a strong start.”

The devs insisted that “this is a game we’ll be supporting for years and years to come”, saying that other community requests such as city maps wouldn’t arrive “immediately”, but “we’d love to do it in the future”.

“Keep the feedback coming, we really do read it all, and thank you all again for taking this journey with us!” they wrote.

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