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Bethesda plan official Starfield mod support for release in 2024

Creation Kit 2 is on the way

The Stronghold, one of Starfield's best ships.
Image credit: Bethesda / Rock Paper Shotgun

Bethesda are adding official support for Starfield mods in 2024, Bethesda Games Studios top banana Todd Howard has told Famitsu in a Japanese language interview. People are already modding Starfield, of course - the options range from "Potato Mode" functionality for lower-spec computers, through somewhat controversial Starfield DLSS mods, to the all-important Starfield script extender, which lets other modders add "scripting capabilities and functionality" to the game. But Bethesda have yet to release proper in-house tools, aka Creation Kit 2.

The full Famitsu interview is worth a pop both for assorted Todd titbits like how Bethesda got to grips with spaceship design, and also for a possibly specific-to-this-writer machine translation quirk which renders "Starfield" as "Todd Planet". I, for one, dearly wish Starfield had been officially titled Todd Planet. I would have given such a game eleventeen out of ten, straight off the bat, with bonus points awarded if there were, indeed, an actual Todd Planet to discover in the game. Can you even imagine, in your wildest space-faring delusions, landing upon the exotic surface of a giant Todd? What flora and fauna might we encounter there? And given that Bethesda fans are in the habit of recreating Howard in the game, why is there not a Todd Planet mod already?

Here's our Starfield review if you want a moderately but not wholly unimpressed analysis of the vanilla game. If you need a hand tinkering under the hood, here's Ollie's how to install Starfield mods walkthrough. Thanks for passing this on, Destructoid!

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