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Indiescovery Episode 3: Our Steam Next Fest demo recommendations

Demos, demos, and more demos.

Wow, is it episode three of RPS’ indie podcast Indiescovery already? How time flies! In this episode, the Indiescovery squad reccomend a handful of awesome demos from this spring’s Steam Next Fest for our lovely listeners to check out - six demos to be exact! We recorded this episode on a Friday instead of our usual Wednesdays so, yeah, major end-of-week vibes in this one. Have a listen below!

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Episode Notes

After a little general chatter about Steam Next Fest and our own personal histories with demos, we jump straight into our recommendations!

My first chosen demo is It’s A Wrap!, a smart puzzle platformer where you use different tracks of an editing suite to affect each level and then guide your character through the perfectly timed chaos you’ve just coordinated. My second pick is Super Adventure Hand, a slightly cursed action-platformer where you play as a disembodied hand. This demo also prompted the three of to go completley feral over the game’s questionable disembodied limb lore (which yes, is definitely a thing in the game).

Liam’s picks include Cook Serve Forever, a fast-paced cooking demo that shot his anxiety levels through the roof… in a good way(??). He follows up with a much more relaxing pick, laid-back city-builder Outlanders, which looks incredibly soothing. This is also part of the podcast where I may or may not admit to thinking the characters in Outlanders look tasty and then spiral into how I want to eat Wallace and Gromit.

Rebecca kicks off her picks with All Of Us Are Dead, a post-apocalyptic zombie horror visual novel which is the most on brand Rebecca pick ever. Her second is 2D detective game SherLock: Escape Room Adventure, where you must use your wit and cunning to help Sherlock deduce his way through a series of puzzling rooms. Curious, indeed!

We end the episode with our current hyperfixations! Liam has been punching robot baddies to the beat of Hi-Fi Rush, Tango Gameworks’ surprise January drop. Rebecca has been on a medieval murder mystery spree by playing Pentiment and then reading The Name Of The Rose (quick side note: American mystery-drama show Monk is totally not about, like, actual monks.) Rachel has been gawking at the gorgeous animation of Puss In Boots: The Last Wish, a Shrek spin-off that is pretty good, actually.

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