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It Takes Two shows off co-op adventure hijinx in new trailer

Here's what it takes two to do

Hazelight Studios's next split screen co-op 'em up It Takes Two is set to launch next month so they've gone and shown off a look at its relationship repairing adventures. "There are no similar scenarios," says Hazelight hype man and game director Josef Fares. "Every scene is unique." Sure enough, there appears to be racing and shooting and puzzling and more that you'll tackle with your co-op pal.

Like Hazelight's previous split screener A Way Out, It Takes Two puts you and your pal in the shoes of two characters learning (or rather re-learning) to work together. Soon to be divorced couple Cody and May are transformed into toy dolls by a magic spell that they'll need to cooperate to undo. The gameplay trailer below shows the two climbing cardboard boxes, chatting with squirrels, swinging on sneakers, and other tiny transformation hijinx you'd expect.

There appears to be a good bit of puzzling too. In one section Cody and May use magnets to get around. In another they've got separate time-bending abilities that they'll need to coordinate. A Way Out did manage to do pull a few neat moves with its constant split screen view, so here's hoping It Takes Two does more of the same.

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Worth noting is Fares's focus on how "most of the levels in this game will have May and Cody using a new mechanic" and all the many minigames scattered throughout the levels. Frankly, both of those things were weak points in A Way Out.

RPS's A Way Out review comes to the same conclusion, saying "the game tries to be too many things—a driving game, a stealth game, a shooting game, a racing game—and ties your success to how well you navigate a series of underdeveloped control schemes, rather than how well you work with your partner." It was still a decent co-op romp, but some sections really were a bit of a slog.

One of the good bits that It Takes Two is keeping is the friend's pass system which only requires one co-op pal to actually buy the game. The other can download a free version with an invite from someone who owns it.

It Takes Two launches on March 26th. You'll find it on Origin and Steam for PC. It will also be available on PlayStations and Xboxes.

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