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It's A Steal: Monaco Gets Free Level Editor

What do you think of Monaco? Jim thought it was entirely delightful, and he was tickled neon pink (and neon every other color) by its roguish charms. This bit of his opinion rainbow, especially, is pertinent: "I particularly like The Hacker because he shows off what teeming systems the levels present. While anyone can hack a computer terminal, The Hacker can use plug sockets to send 'viruses' spinning around the level infrastructure. This allows you to disable alarmed doors, security cameras, and so on, but it also gives you an idea of how much there is going on in any single building. It’s a beautiful thing to see buzzing around you. It adds more life to a game that already feels fresh and awake and busy."

Basically, the levels are brilliantly intricate webs of life, interconnected circulatory systems that you must slice and dice piece-by-piece. But now dismantling is only one side of the coin, because Pocketwatch has released The Mole's Workshop, a free set of level editing tools with Steam Workshop integration.

It all looks quite simple, but then, placing random loot because you can and because you should are two very different things. Having the ability to make a level doesn't necessarily mean it'll be good. Just go back in time and ask seven-year-old me to show you his gigantic collection of custom Warcraft II, er, "levels" if you want to see what I mean.

Fortunately, Steam Workshop support means that you'll have plenty of options to choose from, a few of which I imagine will be quite sublime. So then, who plans on trying their hand at creating a thieving paradise of their very own? Me, I might give it a go, though I anticipate being supremely confused by the lack of two-headed ogres and orcs.

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