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Jordan Weisman Aiming To Kickstart Shadowrun Returns

Excuse me... sorry, coming through... pardon me... hi, sorry, can I just get past... Uughhh, phew. Hello, gosh, sorry about that - just trying to get past all the Kickstarter projects to drink my coffee. Hang on, what's that sound? Oh no. Oh God no! It's a Kickstarter AVALANCHE!

Can anyone still hear me? I'm typing through this tiny hole in the piles of Kickstarters, to try to tell you that there's another one for a sequel to Shadowrun. Wait, no, sorry Jane Jensen, I'm trying to talk about Jordan Weisman's project. No, Al Lowe, I'm talking to you later tonight. Come on guys, get back in line.

It was inevitable, but boy, people aren't being exactly novel with their timing. Rather than waiting for the fusses to die down on the current crop, and the wallets to refill from those willing to pay, just about every recognisable name in gaming seems to be piling in. But heck - it's working out for so many (The Banner Saga guys are now 360% over their target, for instance). And Weisman seems to be off to a pretty good start, already at $64k (edit at 7.30pm: now $127k) of his $400,000 goal.

Of course, this is a direct sequel to the original Shadowrun game, not the 2007 spin-off thing, and not quite the pen and paper RPG it's all based on. Shadowrun Returns intends to be a 2D turn-based RPG, single player, and made just for PC and tablets. For fans of the Shadowrun world, this is a nerdgasm in the making, as the Kickstarter page describes in great detail.

This is being made by Weisman's new studio, Harebrained, along with very many of those who have worked on the Shadowrun world for the last three hundred years. Even someone responsible for the Vista-hawking shooter.

I imagine this one is going to make it, simply by the fact that it went up $10k in the time it took me to write this. Heck, by the time I actually post this it'll probably be done. 24 days to go.

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