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Killing Floor 2 celebrates new objective mode with horrorclowns and free trial

Zed's dead, baby

Update: Tripwire's marketing folks tell us they muffed it, and the "extra-long Free Weekend on Steam" that was "starting later today" actually starts on Thursday at 6pm. Update your calendar.

Tripwire Interactive really, really want you to check out Killing Floor 2's new Back & Kickin' Brass update it seems, as they're letting players have a crack at the undead re-deadening co-op shooter for zero money on Steam until next Tuesday at 6pm UK time. The update brings a new game mode, some new weapons, and a new steampunk-inspired level to do violence at things inside of. Crank your mechanical eye-holes towards the trailer below:

Summer Sideshow is back. Which means horrorclowns are back. Which means I get to use circus puns. Ahem. The main attraction of this carnivalesque cavalcade of japes and jesters is 'Objective'. In addition to holding out against waves of enemies, each wave comes with its own tasks which you'll need to complete before moving on the next. There's also a new steampunk-inspired map called 'Steam Fortress'. As well as new story elements, the Tripwire forums specify objectives like 'escort' and 'hold and repair', so these new tasks seem to be geared (this steampunk pun is for you, friend) toward using the environmental quirks of the new map in advantageous ways.

But that's not all! There's also a harpoon launcher called the 'Seal Squeal' for the Demolitionist that lets you pin bad dudes to walls. Not to feel left out, the Berserker and Field Medic now have access to the 'Hemoclobber', a baseball bat you whack teammates with to heal them, or various bastards to inflict poison damage. This is a truly excellent concept and may have just sold me on the game.

If you'd like to find out more, there's a very long list of details in the YouTube trailer description. Read this whole article, then read that, and you'll basically know as much as I do. My god. Am I superfluous here? Have I been rendered obsolete by long reams of informative text? Was I ever anything to be begin with? It's a lot to ponder on, but I have important games news to write.

If you missed the Steam link at the top of the page, here's another, although I must say your negligence disgusts me. Enjoy!

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