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LawBreakers begins to put some action in your life

Might as well begin to put some action in your life

Even scientists concede that their Law of Gravity is only a 'theory' -- i.e. total tosh Newton made up as an excuse for why he was napping on the job -- so to heck with it, gravity be darned. I plan to cut off the heavy soles of my feet so I can fly but I suppose the more squeamish among you might be content with playing LawBreakers [official site]. Released overnight, it's a competitive first-person arena shooter where gravity doesn't work the way scientific bods might pretend, letting us soar, swing, and whoosh around. It's also the first game from the new studio of Cliff Bleszinski, formerly a big man around Unreal Tournament and Gears of War studio Epic Games.

So it's an objective-driven arena FPS, right? You and a load of other people whizz around shooting each other's skins off, trying to hold areas and captures points and whatnot in different modes. But gravity in levels is wonked (because the moon exploded, yeah?) so there are zones where players can take off, fly around, swing, whoosh, and generally tell the bods to go suck an egg. It's also class-based, giving different folks different items and abilities.

If you played LawBreakers during the open beta tests (or since), what do you make of it? I had planned to play in a beta weekend but it takes a lot to make me play an FPS other than Plunkbat. I've let you all down.

Post-launch update plans include new maps, modes, and characters classes - which will be free. On the paid DLC front, Boss Key already sell a pack of ghastly new outfits for the ha-ha-hilariously xtreme '90s characters.

LawBreakers costs £24.99/29,99€/$29.99 on Steam. Yup, it was originally planned to be free-to-play but that changed long ago.

Since the launch trailer sucks, here's noted face-shooting YouTuber 'jackfrags' gabbing about playing the beta:

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