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LawBreakers breaks free of its price tag for a free weekend

Guns Ga-law

Good news everyone, I've found my jetpacks! They were hiding in LawBreakers all along, and there's a free weekend that might be just what I need after my so-so experience with CoD WW2's multiplayer. I played a little bit of LawBreakers when it launched, and while I didn't have enough room on my plate for another multiplayer shooter at the time, the game's aerial bullet ballets made me wish that I did.

It's the first free-weekend since October's All-Star update. That added a whole heap of gravity defying features, including a new map, balance changes and the addition of competitive play. I like that only your win/loss ratio is taken into account in determining your rank, which encourages everyone to play as a team and actually go for the objectives. That might not be of much interest if you're hopping in for the first time - though you might want to check out the newly added tutorial. All the additions are detailed in the patch notes, or you can watch this handy summary video.

Those balance changes include a buff to my favourite character, Wraith, so I'm tempted to swing back in. There have been other improvements since I tried it back in August when it launched, including an increase to every character's health pool across the board. When I reviewed CoD WW2's multiplayer, I talked about how I like my gunplay to feel like a dance. Lawbreakers, with its emphasis on mobility and varied skillsets, offers a far better dance floor/wall/ceiling. Turns out dancing is more fun when your boots aren't stuck to the ground, and larger health pools should allow that dance to develop in a way that it just can't when everyone dies in a second or less.

If you're still on the fence, here's what Sam said in his review:

… when two teams clash there’s fireworks, with abilities flying everywhere. Admittedly these indoor fights are not as flashy as the aerial ones outside, but they’re still impressive. Guns are punchy, movement is responsive and animations are slick. And because of the small team size you can have a real impact: a well placed EMP from the Enforcer can really halt an enemy push, for example.

You can play the game for free on Steam until 9pm UTC on Sunday, and grab if for a 50% discount (£12.49/$14.99/€14.99) until 6pm on Tuesday.

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