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Float 'n' gloat in LawBreakers free weekend

Law! Huh! Yeah! What is it good for

There’s no escaping the dread howl of the free weekend. I don’t know if gravity-averse hero shooter LawBreakers [official site] is any good but Sam liked it, calling it a “rock solid shooter”. If you want to know if he’s telling the cold, hard truth or a tepid, soggy lie, you can find out for yourself from 6pm today. It recently added a deathmatch mode and a new map, so it looks like you’re going people-shooting at the right time.

Here’s a trailer by developer Boss Key Productions which shows a policeman talking enthusiastically about the different guns he uses to kill people, which is, uh, probably not the motif I would have used.

Cover image for YouTube video

I think I preferred their silly trailer which riffed on Guardians of Galaxy, playing upbeat pop music over an action sequence. Anyway, here’s a bit of what Sam had to say about the shooter:

… when two teams clash there’s fireworks, with abilities flying everywhere. Admittedly these indoor fights are not as flashy as the aerial ones outside, but they’re still impressive. Guns are punchy, movement is responsive and animations are slick. And because of the small team size you can have a real impact: a well placed EMP from the Enforcer can really halt an enemy push, for example.

The floaty zero-g blasting sounds particularly fun, with whole sections of the map dedicated to flooping about like a trigger-happy superperson. If that sounds good to you, you’ve got from 6 o’clock this evening until Monday October 2 to get killin’. You can find it on Steam.

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