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LawBreakers Trailer Shows Off Enforcer Action

Gravity gunning

LawBreakers [official site] has a new trailer out. I should know because I watched it. It focuses on the "Enforcer" role. According to the video blurb: "Kick ass from afar with the Enforcer role by using the Aerator Rifle, get close by using the Badger Shock Pistol and finish off your foes with the shoulder-mounted Bloodhound Launcher."

I feel like the gun names hint at an animal theme but what kind of an animal is an aerator? Not a real one in my book of UK Wildlife, that's for sure.

Cover image for YouTube video

I'm glad that these trailers come out periodically because, I'll level with you, through a series of mental associations I won't even try to explain to you* I always end up thinking of LawBreakers as being a game about lobsters on the moon. It always throws me off when a trailer starts and no-one has any claws.

I'll be honest. The trailer is bombastic and unsubtle but I left it kind of puzzled as to the Enforcer role. I've been looking at the Enforcer tutorial instead and it gives a better feel for how any of these weapons and tactics actually work.

Cover image for YouTube videoPrepare for LawBreakers Developer Tutorial Series

*Actually I will because otherwise people will assume this is whimsy. There's a professional Smite player for a team called Paradigm whose in-game name is Lawbster. The LawB combination of letters at the start of Lawbreakers always reminds me of Lawbster and thus lobsters and thus combines with a half-remembered bit of the LawBreakers premise which was - I think - about humanity exploding the moon and mucking up gravity.

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