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Little Nightmares first expansion chapter surfaces today

What's lurking in The Depths?

The first DLC story chapter has arrived in wonderful horrorshow Little Nightmares [official site]. The three-part 'Secrets of the Maw' expansion introduces another child trapped in this awful place, and the first chapter drops him into The Depths to solve watery puzzles and dodge the grasping arms of something awful named The Granny. It's out now. Have a wee peek in this trailer:

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I am not okay with any of that.

Producer Stephen Halett of Tarsier Studios says that this chapter is "the size of The Lair", though "the puzzles in it are going to involve new water mechanics and will be harder to solve as a result so you can expect your playthrough to be longer." The DLC's story focuses on a different child, named The Kid, but Halett says it'll help fill out some details of Six's story. As for what the three episodes get up to:

"The first chapter the Kid will plunge into the very Depths of the Maw, finding a place which has been abandoned and flooded. The Kid will have to swim his way through water-based puzzles while avoiding an insidious threat that lurks below the water. In the second chapter, The Kid needs to make use of the Nomes to navigate through the confined and shifting terrain of the engine room. Death is just a step away and only by working together can they both survive. The third and final chapter will decide the fate of The Runaway Kid..."

The Depths costs about £3.39/3,99€/$3.99 on Steam and GOG or comes as part of the Expansion Pass for £7.99/9,99€/$9.99 in the same places. The second Secrets of the Maw chapter is due to follow in November, then the story will conclude in January 2018.

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