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Little Nightmares' third and final DLC chapter is out now

An evil residence? Pshaw

Thinking back, the first half of 2017 feels like an age ago, and it's hard to believe that Tarsier Studios' brilliantly creepy Little Nightmares came out less than a year back. Adam loved it to bits, with one of the few complaints being its relative brevity, although it did a lot within its limited run-time.

Perhaps it's time to return to The Maw, then. The third and final chapter of Little Nightmares' DLC 'B-side' has been released, and the journey of The Kid is soon to come to an end. You've plumbed The Depths, and delved into The Hideaway, but it's time to accept your invitation to The Residence.

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All together, the three DLC episodes only add up to maybe two hours of additional story, but The Kid's adventure goes a long way to fill in some of the blanks in the strange and horrible story. The Maw is as intimidating an environment as ever, and those diving into the DLC should come away with a better understanding of the Nomes and their place in the bizarre, hellish little ecosystem.

In this third and final chapter, The Kid and his flashlight delve into the private residence of The Lady, solve a slew of new shadow-themed puzzles and perhaps uncover the last few pieces of the mystery, explaining some of what happened to Six on her journey. All in all, it's a great argument for the existence of shorter games, even if they do grow a little bit after launch.

Sometimes, a story or experience needs to be dense, lest the atmosphere leak out, and Little Nightmare's ever-present sense of dread is dense enough to be cut with a knife. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Little Nightmares is available on Steam for £16/$20, and the Complete edition, all DLC included, will set you back £23/$30.

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