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Logitech's G502 X gaming mouse hits $50 in the US with this coupon

A $30 price drop on Logitech's latest iteration of the mega-popular G502.

The Logitech G502 X is an interesting remake of the RPS reader favourite G502 gaming mouse, and today it's discounted to $50 in the US when you use a $10 coupon code at Amazon.

It features a more streamlined design that James called "achingly close to perfection", with hybrid optical-mechanical switches and a slightly lower weight (89g) - plus the same high complement of programmable buttons and the hyper-advanced scroll wheel that made the G502 such a hit in the first place.

The G502 is a fascinating mix of old and new then, as it tries to strike a balance between the mouse trends of 2023 and the more enduring popularity of Logitech's top gaming mouse. For example, weight has been trimmed in this wired model by 32g, but the 89g kerb weight still keeps the G502 X well outside the ultra-light category - which I think is a sensible move. (We've seen from the Glorious Model I that lower weights in this form factor are possible, but not everyone enjoys a lighter option.)

Similarly, Logitech are on the optical switch train now, but with a hybrid design that retains the snappiness of mechanical switches , which works well I think. Each of the buttons are easy to reach without adjusting your grip, and the side trigger can even be mounted two different ways to bring it closer if needed. The ratcheting/free-spinning scroll wheel works as well as it always has,

All in all, it's a very solid mouse for the money, and at $50 I think it's definitely worth picking up for anyone that wants to treat themselves to a modern high-end gaming mouse.

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