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Mafia III PC Patch Coming This Weekend, Unlocking FPS

Call in the fixer

No sooner had Mafia III [official site] launched last night than publishers 2K threw up their hands and admitted problems with the PC port. They said they were working on a patch adding options like removing the lock keeping framerates at 30fps, and have since followed up saying that'll be coming sooner than we perhaps expected: this weekend. They don't say if it'll fix other problems like crashes, mind. Our John has experienced one crash during three hours of crimes, which he's currently committing so he can tell us Wot He Thinks of Mafia III, but some players report more.

2K said in an addendum to last night's announcement:

"We currently have a patch running here at the studio that includes 30, 60, and unlimited frames-per-second options in the video menu, among other improvements for the PC version of Mafia III. We're verifying the patch now to ensure everything is working as expected. If everything goes well, we expect the update to go live this weekend. We will be keeping the PC community up-to-date on the status of the patch throughout the weekend and thank you for all the feedback!"

We'll have to see what those "many other improvements" are. John reports a few bits seem shoddy, such as menu items colliding, bad texture pop-in, and juddery framerates. Some players are suffering many more crashes than him too.

But hey, some people are playing and enjoying it just fine. This isn't another huge mess like Batman: Arkham Knight, it just seems unpolished and glitchy, maybe rushed to release with PC as an afterthought - as a disappointing number of big-budget PC games are.

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