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Magic, Machine, Money: Shadowrun Funded

Mother Nature's angry wrath spent the weekend attempting to tear many trees and buildings from the surface of England through careful application of furious winds and lashings of rain, which led to me spending the entire weekend indoors, occasionally peering through a trembling pane of glass. It is imperative that this week begins with merriment and what better way to bring cheer than to watch the developers of Shadowrun Returns celebrating their Kickstarter success, clearly exhausted, clearly passionate and perhaps still vaguely bewildered as to what has happened in recent times. It's a useful reminder that for all the talk about this model of funding, the 'ifs', 'buts' and 'far too manys', it's still OK to be excited from time to time.

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Possibly the greatest thing - apart from the obvious fact that a new Shadowrun game is now in development - is the slight pause and nervous laughter that follows the phrase, "your very high expectations". These are people who took to the internet with a dream and scant weeks later had 1.8 million dollars pledged to help them achieve that dream. Thrilling, yes, but also more than a tad intimidating I'd wager. Although I certainly wouldn't wager 1.8 million dollars.

As the video says, you can follow development at the Shadowrun website.

I believe the dog writes dialogue.

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