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Manor Lords VR mod suggests that it would make a terrific god sim

Cower, my loyal subjects!

A screenshot of Manor Lords, an RTS/citybuilder, depicting men in medieval armour doing close quarters battle with swords and shields.
Image credit: Hooded Horse

I don't have a lot of interest in VR these days, but I do have an interest in the beautifully realised miniature doings of your villagers in Manor Lords, the city builder that is currently rather popular on noted purveyor of ye finest interactive entertainments Steam - and which now has unofficial VR support care of Flat2VR and Praydog's UEVR.

Specifically, I am interested in physically standing over those villagers like King Homer or the policeman in Militsioner, roaring threats and laughing as they entirely fail to flee in terror, because the game doesn't simulate NPC reactions to intangible bellowing giants. Ah, if only this were a god sim. Catch footage of the mod below. It's certainly a lovely way of experiencing the intricacy of village life, though the current lack of support for motion controls spoils the thrill.

If you don't have a VR headset, take heart - there's always the official visit mode, which lets you tour your estates in first or third-person. Besides, I'm not sure being an intangible giant will be much help when you're building things.

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Not heard of Praydog? Ian Higton of Eurogamerland has a piece on why it's a literal game-changer for PC VR, in that it supposedly enables VR support for thousands of Unreal Engine games in a couple of clicks. I've never tried it for myself, and I must of course defer to RPS's VR guru-at-large Rick Lane, but praydog has a decent track record: they created a big first-person VR mod for Resident Evil 2 which Brendy enjoyed.

As for non-VR Manor Lords, developer Slavic Magic are working on the first proper update. They don't appear to have VR functionality on the vision board, but they do have big plans for sawpits. We've also put together a bunch of guides - here's a Manor Lords beginner's guide for those still in year one, and here's how to keep your approval high as lord of the manor. I wonder what my approval ratings would be like if could crush my subjects underfoot? That'll learn them to think witheringly of me when all I am trying to do is work them like dogs.

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