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Marvel's Avengers hits Xbox Game Pass tomorrow

Away to the big subscription service in the sky

Ill-fated co-op superhero game Marvel's Avengers comes to Xbox Game Pass tomorrow. The live service action-RPG first launched in September last year to an overwhelmingly "meh" reaction from players, but if you were curious about it, at least now you don't need to pay full price to try it out.

Marvel's Avengers has a singleplayer story mode, or online three-player co-op where you run around doing superhero things (you can also all play the same character, so no need to fight over best boy Thor).

Developers Crystal Dynamics say Game Pass players will have access to the full game and all it's post-launch bits, as well as future updates. You'll also be able to play the latest expansion, War For Wakanda, which adds Black Panther as a playable character.

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If you jump in this weekend, the devs are holding an anniversary celebration between September 30th to October 4th during which you'll earn quadruple experience too.

This isn't the only recent dealing Crystal Dynamics have had with Microsoft. They're currently working on the Perfect Dark reboot, helping out Santa Monica-based studio The Initiative.

Back in comic book world, publisher Square Enix's next foray into the Marvel-verse is with Guardians Of The Galaxy, which is being developed by Deus Ex: Human Revolution devs Eidos Montreal. That one will be a singleplayer affair, and Ed recently had a chance to try it out. He reckons it's pretty fun, with combat that takes cues from JRPGs like Final Fantasy XV.

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