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Marvel's Avengers gets a surge of new players after a free All-Access weekend

This game still has so much potential to succeed

Ever since Marvel’s Avengers came out in September last year, the game's player count has been falling faster than old Thanos can click his fingers. Last week, however, Square Enix announced All-Access weekend that allowed gamers to play the game in full for free, and finally, the player count is starting to rise again.

Following the announcement, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics saw Avengers' player count skyrocket from less than 1000 to a peak of over 10,000 during their All-Access weekend. The average player count throughout the weekend held at a little over 6000, showing signs of promise for the power-packed Marvel game. The spike is the largest the game has experienced since its release and with the War for Wakanda expansion around the corner, here's hoping this newfound momentum helps to convince new and returning players to stay on board well after the new DLC drops.

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The All-Access weekend also saw new and returning players get a host of bonuses, including being able to play the entire game for free, the return of the fan favorite Tachyon Anomaly Event, new cosmetics and in-game store deals, bonus resources, and 4x bonus XP.

Many of the initial complaints players had about Marvel's Avengers included a lapse in communication with developers, its fussy in-game loot, and the significant XP grind rework that came later and made levelling even more sluggish than before.

Avengers' player count has since fallen back down to just under 2000 concurrent players on Steam at time of writing, according to SteamDB, but that's still a marked improvement over what it was just a few weeks ago. With its War For Wakanda expansion slated to arrive on August 17th, Avengers might finally be on the road to recovery.

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