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MechWarrior Online Wants You To Meet The Centurion

In case you were worried, MechWarrior Online does, in fact, have giant robots after all. I know, I know: I didn't believe it either. Now, though, there's honest-to-Godzilla-sized-robo-behemoth proof in the form of a fully automated video reel. Will wonders never cease? It introduces the well-rounded, generally reliable Centurion and details two specialized variants: one that's best from a distance and another that loves nothing more than to move in close for its particular brand of rock 'em sock 'em robots. It can do this because it has 11 tons of armor. I did not know things could have that much armor. I imagine its hobbies include long walks on the beach, heavy metal music, and fashioning your home into a festive hat. So, with pleasant introductions out of the way, let's see it in action.

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My experience with MechWarrior is sadly limited, but I once played it in life-sized cockpit-simulating pods at a friend's birthday party, and I was definitely the guy who just ran face-first into everyone else while unloading all possible ordinances at my disposal. It was a shockingly effective strategy, if only because I think the sheer "Wait, is he actually doing this"-ness of it all left people momentarily dumbfounded in the same way they might be if they witnessed a deer charging an oncoming 18-wheeler. Long story short: that heavily armored CN9-AL variant sounds right up my vaguely suicidal alley.

This all looks very nice, though - very nice indeed. Between this, Hawken, and Strike Suit Zero, it looks like we'll have almost every mech-based base covered in the near future. I mean, we're looking at slow-and-realistic-ish, sublimely speedy, and space, respectively. On top of that, there's also MechWarrior Tactics on the way if you'd rather not directly control a mobile mountain of guns, steel, and more guns. I feel, though, that my Bull Charge Gambit may not be quite as effective in a turn-based setting. But it's like Sun Tzu said: If at first you don't succeed, keep running at the red thing until it dies.

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