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Meet the flying googly-eyed mammoths and yet more wonders of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

I feel your pain, Balloonman.

Five months ago, I took a trip through Wilhelm Nylund's wonderful world of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator GIFs. TABS is a game about assembling stupid googly-eyed armies to fight other stupid googly-eyed armies, and Nylund is in charge of the unit design. The unit design is spectacular.

TABS isn't out yet and we don't know when it will be, which sucks because Nylund's racked up another five months worth of GIFs and I can't wait to start making my own. Until then, feast your eyes on the lethal bumbling of idiotic mammoths and the improbably-effective chopping of neck holstered axe-wielders.

Look, it's hard to describe the magic with words. There is a reason this post is 90% GIFs.

You might remember Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, a TABS spin-off project that recreated Plunkbat by way of goofy ragdoll physics. This isn't that, but fans of goofy ragdoll physics needn't fear their absence.

I'll leave you with Balloonman, the hero we don't need or deserve, but definitely identify with.

If you want more, you should follow Nylund on Twitter.



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