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MEIN LEBEN! Wolfenstein 3D In Your Browser, Free

Good heavens, Saturday was the 20th anniversary of Wolfenstein 3D. That makes us all older than the oldest oak tree. The classic robo-Nazi-shooting FPS is credited with having made the first-person shooter a thing that people knew existed, and if you've played it recently, you'll know it's still brilliant. You haven't played it recently? Oh, well now you can.

id and Bethesda have made it be a thing that just plays in a browser! Which is the best news. You can pick all three episodes, and any level therein, meaning you're welcome to just jump straight to hovering witch-Hitler. I did:

It'll take you a moment to get used to not using the mouse (although pleasingly it works for the menus), and the awkwardness of strafe being on Z. Then you're away, hunting the walls for secrets - something I so hugely miss being a part of FPS games.

You can listen to the Bethsoft podcast guys talking to John Carmack all about the game:

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