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Middle-earth: Shadow of War due endless Shadow Wars

And on and on and on

War, I'm told, war never changes - and nor need it end. Middle-earth: Shadow of War [official site] will add the option to endlessly play Shadow Wars, the fortress-assaulting mode that's the focus of the game's fourth act. Leif Johnson told us he grew bored of Shadow Wars before the end of the chapter but hey, if you want to endlessly attack and defend, you will get that option.

"One of the questions we'd seen a lot online is 'When can we have endless fort defense at the end of Shadow Wars?' and I just wanted to let you guys know that is absolutely on the way," a Monolith fella said during a livestream the other day (pointed out by PCGN, ta).

That will launch alongside the first proper paid DLC from the game's Expansion Pass, the Slaughter Tribe. I'm guessing that new crowd of enemies will be real into guts. No firm word yet on when this will all arrive.

Leif wrote about Shadow Wars while addressing the game's optional microtransaction loot crates, saying that the crates were unnecessary but ten stages of forts was just too many:

"My main complaint is that the Shadow Wars do go on for too long, even with my easily conceived 'optimal' approach. I was already getting weary of them at the end of Stage 8, but I know much of that was the pressure to get through the whole thing with just a week or so before the embargo lifted. Were I to take the experience more leisurely, I may not have felt the same way. Even so, cutting back the Shadow Wars by half or even merely three stages would have made it far more appealing for everyone involved."

I suppose playing Shadow Wars endlessly would be more like larking about in a sandbox than trying to work through a chore to see the game's actual ending, mind. A place to revisit and idly cause havoc with the orcen ecosystem. Fancy a crack, gang?

Shadow of Wardor launched earlier this month. It is pretty good, our review Leif's tell you.

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