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How chivalrous! Mirage: Arcane Warfare open beta is live

Stab those wizards

Fancy stabbing some wizards this weekend? Check out the open beta test of Mirage: Arcane Warfare [official site], the upcoming magical follow-up to fab first-person stabber Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Mirage shares many of the fundamentals but with some different tricks in its fantasy classes and the meaty magic spells that its developers say they want "to feel like you're throwing bricks at people's heads". Mirage has been in closed beta for a while, and we flung thousands of beta keys into you adoring crowds ourselves, but this weekend everyone is invited to play for free.

Swing by Steam to grab the open beta client, which is a 4.4GB download. The open beta started last night and will run until 7pm (11am Pacific) on Sunday. This launch also sees the "3-on-3, last-man-standing style competitive tournament mode" named Arena arrive in beta, alongside other forms of stabbing.

I'm downloading the open beta right now myself as I do like the look of how swift and agile some of its characters are. Those are the wizards for me. You can play the slower, chunkier wizards I'll try to dodge around but end up getting flattened by.

Mirage: Arcane Warfare is due to launch in full on May 23rd via Steam, priced at £22.99/27,99€/$29.99.

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