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Mobile leaks point to an April release for spacefaring RPG Honkai: Star Rail

The newest character Bailu has also been unveiled

Honkai: Star Rail is the first turn-based RPG in the Honkai / Genshin Impact universe, and its final beta started earlier today on PC and mobile. Pre-registration has now closed, but you might be able to gain access through the game’s FAQ page. While HoYoverse haven’t announced a release date for their cosmic fantasy adventure, eagle-eyed fans have spotted a potential April date on the IOS App Store.

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The April date isn’t directly available on Honkai: Star Rail’s App Store page, but if you search for publisher Cognosphere and click on the game there, you’ll see an “Expected 26th Apr 2023” message. As always, dates like this are subject to change until HoYoverse confirms it for themselves. But, for any Honkai stans who are eagerly awaiting Star Rail, this should quench your thirst.

To celebrate Star Rail’s final beta, HoYoverse have also unveiled their newest character, the blue-tailed Bailu. Her character trailer doesn’t include any in-game footage, although we do get an idea of what her attacks might look like as she shoots jets of water and fish at a group of baddies. Oh, bayou, Bailu... I see what they did there.

Despite the global popularity of Honkai and Genshin Impact, I’ve never been able to get into the series due to their gacha elements. I also know that Star Rail is the fourth game in the series, so do I really want to catch up with three other gacha games? I am a sucker for turn-based combat and spacefaring trains, though, so maybe Star Rail will be where I hop on. Plus, a tall warrior lady who wields an electric purple guitar? The right amount of camp for me.

Honkai: Star Rail’s final beta is open now, and the full game will release as a free-to-play download later this year (maybe in April) on mobile devices, Steam, and the Epic Games Store.

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