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Modern Warfare 2 has mixed reviews on Steam, mostly due to crash bugs

Some fixes already released

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's launch hasn't gone according to plan, with players reporting various crash bugs. Infinity Ward have already released a patch to address some of the issues, but at the time of writing the game has only 58% positive reviews on Steam.

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One of the most common crashes seems to relate to players in parties, with reports of groups of over three players causing members of the party to crash to desktop. Developers Infinity Ward acknowledged the issue in a tweet yesterday, and as of a few hours ago say they've deployed a fix. "Players in parties should see significant improvement," says the tweet.

The other most significant issue involves the latest Nvidia drivers. Beenox, the studio which led development of the PC version of Modern Warfare 2, tweeted that they had "noticed some stability issues with the latest Nvidia drivers 526.47" and recommended users stick with or roll back to 516.59 or 522.25 drivers.

Nvidia confirmed the issue in a statement to PC Gamer, saying that they're working on a hotfix and that the bug "is specifically why our latest Game Ready Driver wasn't promoted or recommended for this title in the first place."

There are several other bugs being reported, from the in-game ping system effectively granting players a wallhack ability such that ping has been disabled, to attachment tuning being switched off because it was apparently causing crashes. All of which adds up to a lot of negative reviews on Steam.

Ed didn't encounter any issues during his Modern Warfare 2 review, although he did find the campaign middling in among some spectacular bits.

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