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Modern Warfare 2's realistic Amsterdam hotel up in arms over "unwanted" depiction in the game

The Conservatorium Hotel aren't chuffed with being shot up in Infinity Ward’s FPS

Management at a hotel that appears in the Amsterdam missions of new Activision Blizzard military shooter Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 have said they regret the hotel's “unwanted involvement” in the game. The Conservatorium Hotel, a five-star gaff that describes itself as the “living room of Amsterdam” on its website, hasn’t taken too kindly to being shot to pieces in digital form. Despite a name change, it’s still recognisably the same establishment.

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Infinity Ward changed the names of many of Amsterdam’s sights for the game, including rebadging the hotel as the Breenbergh. In spite of this attempt at distancing the COD hotel from its real-life counterpart, management at the luxury stay is having none of it. “We have taken note of the fact that the Conservatorium Hotel is undesirably the scene of the new Call of Duty," hotel manager Roy Tomassen told Dutch paper de Volkskrant (via PC Gamer).

“More generally, we don't support games that seem to encourage the use of violence,” Tomassen continued. “The game in no way reflects our core values and we regret our apparent and unwanted involvement." de Volkskrant report that The Conservatorium’s management are considering whether to take the matter further. Permission to use the hotel’s likeness in Modern Warfare 2’s Amsterdam levels was allegedly not sought, but Infinity Ward could try claiming fair-use.

As de Volkskrant points out, research for Modern Warfare 2’s mission design was done remotely using photos and videos due to the coronavirus pandemic during the game’s development. Director of photography Jeff Negus didn’t see the hotel in person until this month, when he visited Amsterdam to promote the release of Modern Warfare 2. Since launch, players have been favourably comparing the Modern Warfare 2 rendition to the real capital city of the Netherlands.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is out now on Steam and Battle.net for £60/$70/€70. Room service costs extra. If you're struggling to pick the best assault rifle in Modern Warfare 2 then check out Ollie's rankings.

Activision Blizzard publish Call Of Duty and they're still facing law suits alleging a workplace culture of sexual harassment and discrimination. Microsoft also intend to buy Activision Blizzard, although the deal is currently under investigation by UK regulators over competition concerns.

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