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Monster Hunter Rise fixes save bug which made it unplayable for some

Get in and hunt that monst

Capcom have released a new Monster Hunter Rise patch aimed at fixing a frustrating bug with save files which stopped some would-be players from playing at all. Thankfully, a week and change later, that seems to be fixed—though a little extra fiddling is required if you did suffer this bug.

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When Rise finally launched on PC last Wednesday, some unlucky players found themselves trapped in a terrible loop: you need to create a new save to start playing, but it failed to create a new save, but it would still tell them to create a new save, but it would fail to create a new save, but etc. A real problem. That should now be fixed, thanks to the release of patch v3.6.1.1.

If you did suffer from the problem, you have more to do that just downloading the patch. Capcom's post details a process to undo the damage, which involves disabling cloud saves for the game, deleting some files, launching the game, and then re-enabling cloud saves. Most of the bug-sufferers replying in comments seem to be happily playing now. Some folks still report issues, though.

Any fix which involves manually deleting files will always throw some people, so you might assume user error, but that might not be so. A player known as "Nick Soapdish" says something went funky because he had played on a second computer too, one which didn't have the bug. Thankfully, Soapdish offers another file-fiddling fix which apparently deals with that.

That might be it? That might be it. This might be the end of it. Which is nice, because the game is a good'un when you can play. Our Katharine's Monster Hunter Rise PC review said it was "a more than worthy successor" to the previous game in the series.

"There's a generous and playful sense of freedom here that keeps combat and exploration feeling fresh, and the momentum of its hunting-led missions means you're rarely spinning your wheels as you seek out that last elusive armour part," she said.

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