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Monster Hunter: World crafting: the best items to craft

A recipe for success

Weapons and armour are definitely vital in bringing down a target in Monster Hunter: World, but you'll also need to use items to heal, improve your maximum stats, or buff yourself. Crafting can be done in both the hub and on-the-go, provided you have the items in your pack. This is especially important as some of the later monsters can deal a hefty amount of damage to those unprepared for the encounter. Items also play a role in more advanced activities such as capturing monsters. Most ingredients can be found out in the wild, and this guide will show you how to craft items out of them, as well as detail which items are the most useful to craft for your monster hunting endeavours.

Monster Hunter: World crafting guide

Items can be lifesavers when hunting. Sometimes you need that extra chug of a potion to survive a blow, or taking an antidote to rid yourself of poison coursing through your veins. They are also useful if you want to capture monsters alive, or just shoot them to pieces with your Bowgun weapons. That said, knowing how to survive in the first place is also paramount, so new players should look at our Monster Hunter World guide to see how to prepare for each hunt.

If you are looking for specifically Monster Hunter World Iceborne guides, then we have created a separate guide hub for just expansion stuff. Head over to our Monster Hunter World Iceborne guide to make your start.

Accessing the pause menu from the hub. Can be accessed during quests and expeditions too.

How do you craft items?

Unlike most things in Monster Hunter: World, crafting items is remarkably easy to do. Simply bring up the pause menu and the option will be there for you to use to your hearts desire. From the crafting menu, you'll be able to see which items you can craft and which you can't, allowing you to see which ingredients are required to make that item.

For those who are feeling somewhat lazy, you can set the system to automatically create certain items as you collect the ingredients required to make them. For example, if you have Auto-crafting checked for Mega Potions, it'll churn out a Mega Potion every time you make a Potion and collect Honey. It's useful for those encounters where you're constantly using up healing items or specific ammunition for your Bowgun.

The best items to craft in Monster Hunter: World

When starting out in your monster hunting career, you'll want to prioritise having the likes of Potions and Antidotes for healing purposes, as well as Mega Potions for a bit more recovery. It's also a very good idea to have Shock Traps and Tranq Bombs for capturing pesky monsters alive. Knives are also very good for inflicting status ailments on certain monsters if you don't have ranged weapons, and dung items can scare off unwanted monsters that wander into the battle.

Later on though, there will be certain items like Max Potions or even Ancient Potions for more advanced healing with additional benefits. Late game crafting items that are useful for particular hunts, but the healing items and monster capturing ones are the best items to always try and craft when you can.

If you have ranged weapons, you should also consider making the various elemental ammunition types, as well as those that inflict a status ailment that your particular monster is weak to. Therefore it's best to study your target by using Ecological Research as described in our Monster Hunter: World ecological research guide, to find out their weakness.

Herb crafting menu

Ingredients needed to make items in Monster Hunter: World

So now that you know what to craft, you'll probably want to know exactly what items you need in order to make them. Below is a comprehensive list of all the items you can create in Monster Hunter: World. Each one is separated into its own table depending on its item type, and has a search bar so that all you need to do in order to find the relevant recipe is to type the item you're looking for.

Item CraftedIngredient 1Ingredient 2
Mega PotionPotionHoney
First-Aid Med+First-Aid MedHoney
AntidoteAntidote HerbN/A
Herbal MedicineAntidoteBlue Mushroom
NutrientsBitterbugBlue Mushroom
Mega NutrientsNutrientsHoney
Max PotionMega NutrientsMandragora
Ancient PotionImmunizer Nourishing ExtractKelbi Horn Kelbi Horn
LifepowderGodbugBlue Mushroom
Herbal PowderGodbugHerbal Medicine
Energy DrinkNitroshroomHoney
Cool DrinkChillshroomN/A
Dash JuiceCatalystDash Extract
DemondrugCatalystMight Seed
Mega DemondrugNourishing ExtractDemondrug
Might PillImmunizerMight Seed
ArmorskinCatalystAdamant Seed
Mega ArmorskinNourishing ExtractArmorskin
Hardshell PowderGodbugAdamant Seed
Adamant PillImmunizerAdamant Seed

Traps and offensive item crafting menu

Item CraftedIngredient 1Ingredient 2
GunpowderFire HerbNitroshroom
Barrel BombFire HerbSmall Barrel
Bounce BombNitroshroomSmall Barrel
Mega Bounce BombNitroshroomBounce Bomb
Large Barrel BombGunpowderLarge Barrel
Mega Barrel BombDevil's Blight Gunpowderfish Scale Great Gunpowderfish ScaleN/A Large Barrel Bomb Large Barrel
Smoke BombSmokenutIvy
Poison Smoke BombSmokenutToadstool
Flash PodFlashbugN/A
Screamer PodScreamer SacN/A
Dung PodRolled-up Dung DungN/A N/A
Poisoned MeatRaw MeatToadstool
Tinged MeatRaw MeatParashroom
Drugged MeatRaw MeatSleep Herb
NetIvySpider Web
Pitfall TrapTrap ToolNet
Shock TrapTrap ToolThunderbug
Tranq BombSleep HerbParashroom

Ammo and coatings crafting menu

Item CraftedIngredient 1Ingredient 2
Tranq AmmoNormal Ammo 1Tranq Bomb
Tranq KnifeThrowing KnifeTranq Bomb
Poison KnifeThrowing KnifeToadstool
Sleep KnifeThrowing KnifeSleep Herb
Paralysis KnifeThrowing KnifeParashroom
Power CoatingEmpty PhialNitroshroom
Poison CoatingEmpty PhialToadstool
Paralysis CoatingEmpty PhialParashroom
Sleep CoatingEmpty PhialSleep Herb
Blast CoatingEmpty PhialFire Herb
Normal Ammo 2Normal Ammo 1Gunpowder Level 2
Normal Ammo 3Normal Ammo 1Gunpowder Level 3
Pierce Ammo 1LatchberryN/A
Pierce Ammo 2Pierce Ammo 1Gunpowder Level 2
Pierce Ammo 3Pierce Ammo 1Gunpowder Level 3
Spread Ammo 1NeedleberryN/A
Spread Ammo 2Spread Ammo 1Gunpowder Level 2
Spread Ammo 3Spread Ammo 1Gunpowder Level 3
Sticky Ammo 1BlastnutN/A
Sticky Ammo 2Sticky Ammo 1Gunpowder Level 2
Sticky Ammo 3Sticky Ammo 1Gunpowder Level 3
Cluster Bomb 1BomberryN/A
Cluster Bomb 2Cluster Bomb 1Gunpowder Level 2
Cluster Bomb 3Cluster Bomb 1Gunpowder Level 3
Slicing AmmoSlashberryN/A
Flaming AmmoNormal Ammo 1Fire Herb
Water AmmoNormal Ammo 1Flowfern
Thunder AmmoNormal Ammo 1Thunderbug
Freeze AmmoNormal Ammo 1Snow Herb
Dragon AmmoNormal Ammo 1Dragonfell Berry
Poison Ammo 1Normal Ammo 1Toadstool
Poison Ammo 2Poison Ammo 1Catalyst
Paralysis Ammo 1Normal Ammo 1Parashroom
Paralysis Ammo 2Paralysis Ammo 1Catalyst
Sleep Ammo 1Normal Ammo 1Sleep Herb
Sleep Ammo 2Sleep Ammo 1Catalyst
Exhaust Ammo 1Normal Ammo 1Exciteshroom
Exhaust Ammo 2Exhaust Ammo 1Catalyst
Recover Ammo 1Normal Ammo 1Potion
Recover Ammo 2Recover Ammo 1Catalyst
Demon AmmoNormal Ammo 1Demondrug
Armor AmmoNormal Ammo 1Armorskin
Wyvern AmmoDragonstrike NutN/A
Gunpowder Level 2Flame Nut Burst Arowana Scale Great Burst Arowana ScaleN/A Fire Herb Fire Herb
Gunpowder Level 3Blazenut Bomb Arowana Scale Great Bomb Arowana ScaleN/A Fire Herb Fire Herb
PowertalonPowercharmBazelgeuse Talon
ArmortalonArmorcharmBazelgeuse Talon

With that exhaustive list, that concludes our guide on crafting in Monster Hunter: World. Lots of the ingredients for making items can be found out in each of the maps, but some can be cultivated via the botanical research centre in Astera. If you want to know how to unlock this facility and how best to make these ingredients, head over to our Monster Hunter: World botanical research guide.

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