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See the swish swordfighting of meleefest Mordhau

For serious swordsmen

Oh sure, For Honor is some fun arcade action but what about the serious Internet swordsman left sharpening his blades in front of Netflix? You, O pal o' mine, might fancy a look at the upcoming Mordhau [official site]. Mordhau is a first-person medieval melee multiplayer murderfest boasting a deep combat system with some swish sword simulation. That's the plan, at least. Mordhau is on Kickstarter but has already hit its goal so, if you'd like, you can sit back and watch this swish trailer content in the knowledge that it's going ahead:

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The plan is for multiplayer battles from duels up to 64 players, complete with mounted combat, siege engines, and a few bows, crossbows, thrown pommels (I understand this to have become an Internet swordsman meme), and hurled swords.

Developers Triternion gab about moves having 240 potential angles of attack, guided by your mouse (or controller), with options to redirect and slow or feint after starting a strike. And blocking isn't just holding a button - a defender's weapon needs to actually collide with the attacker's. Which also means, theoretically, you can knock projectiles out the air. Here, this video dev diary from 2016 gets way more into combat's guts:

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It's all quite impressive.

Unlike Clang, the Kickstarted swordfighter which died unceremoniously in 2014 after failing to secure additional funding, Mordhau has evidently been on the go for ages and is looking for money to fund the final stretch. Triterion are after $80,000 (£66k) on Kickstarter to finish development, and passed that within one day. Extra weapon and armour is the first stretch goal revealed.

If all goes well, Mordhau should launch on Windows around March 2018.

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