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Mordhau weapons guide [Patch #7] - full weapon stats, best weapons in Mordhau


Oh dear god, I've got so much work to do updating this Mordhau weapons guide. For those unaware, Patch #7 of Mordhau has released, bringing with it not only two entirely new weapons (the Javelin and the Heavy Handaxe) but also a huge amount of minor stat changes and balance tweaks to Mordhau's expansive weapons arsenal. Some damage values have literally been increased or decreased by 1. I swear, they're doing this just to screw with me.

Below I've done my very, very best to condense the massive amounts of information on every single weapon in Mordhau so that it's easy to understand and identify the strengths and weaknesses of each one. I'll walk you through each weapon in order of its point cost, with my own personal opinions on how to succeed with them. So if you want to know your Arming Swords from your Heavy Handaxes, your Short Spears from your Javelins, your Zweihanders from your Greatswords - well, you're in the right place.

Oh, and while you're here, why not check out our main Mordhau guide page? It's packed with some really good practical tips on how to improve faster than anyone else around you, and you can also find links to all the other areas of our ever-expanding Mordhau guides series from there. In particular, if you want to read about all the changes that Patch #7 has brought to all the weapons, then read the full patch notes in our Mordhau patch notes/future content guide.

Mordhau weapons guide [Patch #7] - stats & tips on the best weapons in Mordhau

Right, I'll waste no time because we've lots to cover; but I will say that if you're looking for tips on the ins and outs of combat itself, then you'd be better off checking out our Mordhau melee combat guide (or indeed our Mordhau archery or Mordhau horseback combat guides depending on your preference). Once you've done that, come on back here, because below you can find stats on every weapon currently in Mordhau, along with a few sentences from me on each one, comparing them to one another and showing you how to succeed with that specific weapon.

Because it doesn't really make that much sense to categorise these weapons any other way, I've split all the Mordhau weapons based on their point cost, with a separate table for the archery and throwing weapons. Click on any of the links just below to skip to a particular section.

1-3 cost weapons
4-6 cost weapons
7-11 cost weapons
Ranged and Throwable weapons
Peasant weapons

A couple more things before we begin. First: I've tried to condense the below stats so as not to overwhelm you with data, but if you're after the full list of stats as they appear in-game, simply click on each weapon's name to open up a screenshot of that weapon's full stats. Second: just to avoid any confusion, the weapon speed stats appear in the form of "X+Y" where X is the wind-up and Y is the release of the weapon's attack.

Mordhau weapon stats (1-3 cost)

These weapons are the cheapest that money (or points) can buy, so of course you can't expect them to be as lethal as a Zweihander or a Halberd. But they certainly have their place, either as a backup weapon or as a main if you're putting all your points into armour and/or perks. Plus - some of these are actually rather formidable weapons. Shout out to the Falchion, Arming Sword, Heavy Handaxe, and Quarterstaff in particular. See for yourself below.

Cleaver (One Handed)
Cost: 1StrikeThrustThrow
Head DMG100/70/50/4014/11/9/7140/85/45/30
Body DMG60/55/38/3412/9/7/540/35/25/15
Leg DMG55/50/34/308/5/4/230/25/15/5
Details: Actually a very decent weapon, but only on strikes - the thrusts do next to nothing. Low reach and not as fast as you think, but decent stamina drain and strike damage.
Dagger (One Handed)
Cost: 1StrikeThrustThrow
Head DMG40/30/25/2265/60/43/39140/85/45/30
Body DMG25/15/10/755/50/38/3440/35/25/15
Leg DMG15/7/5/445/35/23/1930/25/15/5
Details: Better thrusts than strikes, but with both you can enjoy some extremely fast attacks, particularly during combos.
Short Sword (One Handed)
Cost: 1StrikeThrustThrow
Head DMG60/49/42/3370/66/50/40140/85/45/30
Body DMG45/34/27/1855/51/35/2540/35/25/15
Leg DMG40/24/12/850/41/20/1030/25/15/5
Details: Fairly consistent damage values between strikes and thrusts, and a better reach than either the Dagger or Cleaver, but slower attacks to compensate.
Wooden Mallet (One Handed)
Cost: 1StrikeThrustThrow
Head DMG28/27/26/2526/24/22/2050/45/27/25
Body DMG18/17/16/1516/14/12/1030/25/22/20
Leg DMG13/7/6/511/9/7/520/15/12/10
Details: Clearly not meant for fighting, but can build at a rate of 10 HP per hit. If you win a fight with this, give yourself a pat on the back.
Quarterstaff (Two Handed)
Cost: 1StrikeThrustAlt StrikeAlt Thrust
Head DMG29/18/26/2529/18/26/2524/23/21/2029/28/26/25
Body DMG24/23/21/2024/23/21/2019/18/16/1524/23/21/20
Leg DMG14/13/11/1014/13/11/109/8/6/514/13/11/10
Details: Low damage but very fast and versatile, and a genuinely decent 1v1 weapon. Deceptive reach and quick attacks, made even quicker in alt-attack mode (albeit with reduced range and lower strike damage).
Training Sword (Two Handed)
Cost: 1StrikeThrust
Head DMG11/10/9/811/10/9/8
Body DMG6/5/4/36/5/4/3
Leg DMG3/3/2/23/3/2/2
Details: The lowest of the low, deliberately so. Useful for training and meme-ing. Will take 10-50 consecutive hits to kill a player.
Arming Sword (One Handed)
Cost: 2StrikeThrustThrow
Head DMG75/65/43/3485/72/55/39150/145/50/40
Body DMG60/50/28/2570/57/40/3450/45/30/25
Leg DMG50/40/23/2060/50/34/2940/35/20/15
Details: An upgrade on the Short Sword, and a very nice backup weapon to run. Decent strike damage, and even better thrust damage. Nimble, forgiving, and decent reach for a low-cost weapon. Can tear apart unarmoured opponents.
Axe (One Handed)
Cost: 2StrikeThrustThrow
Head DMG100/67/55/4621/19/17/15140/137/65/50
Body DMG57/52/45/3616/14/12/1040/37/35/30
Leg DMG54/50/35/266/4/2/530/27/25/20
Details: Much like its big brother axes, the one-handed Axe deals tonnes of strike damage but very low thrust damage. Still a powerful weapon for its price, but I'd pick the Arming Sword over the Axe for its versatility.
Blacksmith Hammer (One Handed)
Cost: 2StrikeThrustThrow
Head DMG48/47/46/4538/37/36/3550/45/27/25
Body DMG33/32/31/3023/22/21/2030/25/22/20
Leg DMG28/22/21/2018/12/11/1020/15/12/10
Details: Another weapon meant for building rather than fighting. Builds at a rate of 20-30 HP per hit. Damage is actually not too bad so you can fight with it, but you'll be out-ranged very easily.
Warhammer (One Handed)
Cost: 2StrikeThrustAlt StrikeAlt Thrust
Head DMG53/52/51/5034/33/31/30100/77/76/7034/33/31/30
Body DMG38/37/36/3524/23/21/2038/37/36/3524/23/21/20
Leg DMG35/34/31/3019/13/11/1035/34/31/3019/13/11/10
Details: A mediocre weapon which received a sizeable buff in Patch 7, reworking its alt-mode to sacrifice the ability to combo for significantly higher headshot damage (a worthy tradeoff in my opinion; use the alt-attack exclusively in 1v1s and only switch back for 1vXs).
Falchion (One Handed)
Cost: 3StrikeThrustThrow
Head DMG100/72/56/4970/60/49/35150/145/50/40
Body DMG70/52/41/3855/45/34/2550/45/30/25
Leg DMG60/50/36/2845/35/19/1040/35/20/15
Details: The Falchion is more than good enough to be a main weapon, not just a backup weapon. Versatile, decent range, and great damage that can kill even a heavily armoured foe in 3 hits.
Heavy Handaxe (One Handed)
Cost: 3StrikeThrustAlt StrikeAlt Thrust
Head DMG100/100/68/60100/80/60/45100/100/77/76100/80/60/45
Body DMG75/62/53/4575/65/50/3549/48/47/4675/65/50/35
Leg DMG65/52/43/3565/55/40/2539/38/37/3665/55/40/25
Details: Added in Patch #7, the Heavy Handaxe is very slow but extremely damaging for its price range. A skilled player will know to exploit its slowness as you would a Maul, with heavy drags and accels. The best 3-cost weapon out there if you know how to use it.

Mordhau weapon stats (4-6 cost)

Now we're getting into the mid-range tier of weapons - not the most damaging and not the fastest, but possibly the most versatile, and certainly where some of my absolute favourite weapons reside - namely, the Billhook, Messer, Longsword, and Poleaxe. Many of these are truly excellent for their price, and allow you to spread your points equally between weapons, armour, and perks.

Mace (One Handed)
Cost: 4StrikeThrustThrow
Head DMG63/62/61/6035/33/32/3075/72/60/55
Body DMG53/52/51/5025/23/22/2050/47/45/40
Leg DMG52/50/48/4620/13/12/1040/37/35/30
Details: Extremely consistent damage regardless of armour type. Strikes are twice as strong as thrusts. Rather slow, so drags work well with this weapon. Amazingly cheap counter to heavy armour.
Rapier (One Handed)
Cost: 4StrikeThrustThrow
Head DMG64/50/35/30100/67/49/45150/145/50/40
Body DMG49/35/20/1560/52/34/3050/45/30/25
Leg DMG44/25/10/555/50/29/2540/35/20/15
Details: Stab, stab, stab. Extremely fast with high thrust damage. Just don't get caught up doing nothing but thrusts, you'll get punished via chambers and morphs.
Short Spear (One Handed)
Cost: 4StrikeThrustThrow
Head DMG75/45/30/25100/75/55/45110/100/100/65
Body DMG40/30/20/1565/60/45/35100/70/55/50
Leg DMG35/20/10/555/50/35/2580/50/40/35
Details: A cheap way to get some phenomenal range on your weapon. Very damaging thrusts, and particularly good vs light/no armour. Throws are encouraged, but be bloody sure you hit with it.
Bastard Sword (One/Two Handed)
Cost: 4StrikeThrustAlt StrikeAlt Thrust
Head DMG90/70/42/3785/75/60/4590/70/42/3785/75/60/45
Body DMG75/55/32/2770/60/45/3875/55/32/2770/60/45/38
Leg DMG60/50/27/2260/50/35/2860/50/27/2260/50/35/28
Details: A strong, reliable one-handed sword, will kill weakly armoured foes in 2 hits and heavily armoured foes in 3-4. Alt-attack is pretty useless, so stick with one-handed.
Messer (One/Two Handed)
Cost: 5StrikeThrustAlt StrikeAlt Thrust
Head DMG100/75/60/5260/45/35/30100/75/60/5260/45/35/30
Body DMG70/60/50/4050/35/25/2070/60/50/4050/35/25/20
Leg DMG60/50/40/3445/30/20/1560/50/40/3445/30/20/15
Details: Again, negligible difference between one- and two-handed, but still a strong weapon. Very similar to the Bastard Sword, but slightly slower and longer with slightly better strikes and worse thrusts.
Billhook (Two Handed)
Cost: 5StrikeThrustAlt StrikeAlt Thrust
Head DMG100/65/40/35100/75/58/43100/65/40/35100/75/58/43
Body DMG65/50/30/2575/60/50/3565/50/30/2575/60/50/35
Leg DMG65/50/30/2560/50/35/2565/50/30/2560/50/35/25
Details: In my humble opinion, the best weapon in the game. A bit slow, but with great range and strong at both thrusts and strikes. Has the unique ability to pull hit enemies closer and/or disarm them. With normal attack mode, only strikes can do this. In alt-attack mode, only thrusts can do this. Excellent vs horseback. Incredibly cheap for what it is.
Longsword (Two Handed)
Cost: 5StrikeThrustAlt StrikeAlt Thrust
Head DMG100/83/52/4280/70/60/4374/63/61/6044/43/41/40
Body DMG72/68/37/3465/55/45/3444/43/41/4029/28/26/25
Leg DMG67/58/27/1960/50/30/2439/38/36/3524/18/16/15
Details: For its price, an excellent and versatile weapon. Favours strikes, but strong thrusts also. Alt-attack gives you a mordhau grip so you can deal high damage to heavy armour with your strikes (but not your thrusts). Be aware that this dramatically decreases your range.
War Axe (Two Handed)
Cost: 5StrikeThrust
Head DMG130/105/80/7023/22/21/20
Body DMG100/75/65/5513/12/11/10
Leg DMG80/65/55/4513/7/6/5
Details: A curious axe with the strikes of a Zweihander but the thrusts of a wet towel. Slow but hard-hitting and high stamina drain. Don't be tempted to only strike, because you'll become predictable and easy to counter.
Battle Axe (Two Handed)
Cost: 6StrikeThrustAlt StrikeAlt Thrust
Head DMG100/100/68/6023/22/21/20100/100/68/6023/22/21/20
Body DMG75/62/53/4513/12/11/1075/62/53/4513/12/11/10
Leg DMG65/52/43/3513/7/6/565/52/43/3513/7/6/5
Details: Much like a War Axe, but trades a bit of strike damage for a greater range and an alt-attack that reduces range in order to land your strikes 0.1s quicker.
Estoc (Two Handed)
Cost: 6StrikeThrustAlt StrikeAlt Thrust
Head DMG60/55/38/30100/70/66/5374/63/61/6044/43/41/40
Body DMG45/40/28/2070/55/51/3844/43/41/4029/28/26/25
Leg DMG40/30/18/1060/50/41/3339/33/31/3024/18/16/15
Details: My favourite weapon for a time. Great range and decent damage. For lightly armoured foes, use thrusts. For heavily armoured foes, flip your sword around and use strikes. Very versatile, and great for both drags and accels.
Pole Axe (Two Handed)
Cost: 6StrikeThrustAlt StrikeAlt Thrust
Head DMG100/78/53/49100/83/65/50100/63/61/60100/83/65/50
Body DMG70/63/38/3475/68/50/3549/48/46/4575/68/50/35
Leg DMG65/53/28/2465/53/35/2044/38/36/3565/53/35/20
Details: It was good even as a 7-cost weapon, but now Patch #7 has brought the Poleaxe down to 6 points, which makes it one of the very best weapons in this table. Versatile, forgiving, good damage on strikes and thrusts, and decent reach to boot.

Mordhau weapon stats (7-11 cost)

Oh, you lot. All you care about is damage. Well, to be fair, damage is pretty dang important, particularly in large team fights. And the 7-11 price range is home to a very diverse array of deadly implements - but here more than anywhere else you need to learn the strengths and weaknesses of your weapon. Because if you've chosen one of these, chances are you're relying on your weapon rather than armour or perks to get you out of trouble.

Favourites out of this category? Probably the Spear above all else, because that range is just stupidly good if you know how to use it properly. Shout out also to the Zweihander, Bardiche, Executioner's Sword... You know what? You can take any of these and you'll slaughter everyone if you practice enough. Just learn the weapon, and enjoy.

Executioner's Sword (Two Handed)
Cost: 7StrikeThrust
Head DMG120/110/70/6535/30/25/20
Body DMG100/90/55/5030/25/20/15
Leg DMG100/85/45/4020/15/10/5
Details: Very popular and powerful weapon with phenomenal striking damage. Really ought to cost more to use. Use its low speed to your advantage by dragging your attack.
Greatsword (Two Handed)
Cost: 7StrikeThrustAlt StrikeAlt Thrust
Head DMG100/80/60/50100/75/65/4875/65/49/45100/75/66/49
Body DMG75/65/43/3870/60/50/3560/50/34/3075/60/51/40
Leg DMG65/55/34/3460/50/35/2555/40/24/2065/50/46/35
Details: Another strong sword with very balanced strike and thrust damage, will often killl in two hits. Thanks to Patch #7 the alt-mode is now quicker and more viable against armoured foes.
Maul (Two Handed)
Cost: 7StrikeThrustThrow
Head DMG100/100/100/10049/48/46/45115/110/105/65
Body DMG85/83/77/7540/38/36/3565/60/55/50
Leg DMG75/73/67/6535/28/26/2535/30/25/20
Details: The quintessential head-crusher. While its throw is not great (too short and not enough damage), it deals tonnes of damage and drains tonnes of stamina - theirs and yours. Aim for the head, and drag your strikes.
Bardiche (Two Handed)
Cost: 8StrikeThrustAlt StrikeAlt Thrust
Head DMG115/100/71/6055/48/40/35140/115/81/7055/48/40/35
Body DMG100/75/51/4040/33/25/20100/75/51/4040/33/25/20
Leg DMG90/65/41/3435/28/20/15100/65/41/3435/28/20/15
Details: Much like a Pole Axe, but whereas Pole Axe has balanced damage between strikes and thrusts, with the Bardiche you do much more damage with strikes. Alt-attack gives you a far greater reach.
Eveningstar (Two Handed)
Cost: 8StrikeThrustAlt StrikeAlt Thrust
Head DMG102/100/77/7560/55/51/45100/73/67/6675/70/65/60
Body DMG62/59/57/5545/40/36/3560/58/52/5165/60/55/50
Leg DMG57/50/47/4540/30/26/2552/50/42/4145/40/35/30
Details: A more forgiving, less damaging Maul. Less likely to kill in one hit, but more likely to kill in two due to its very consistent body damage. But personally would pick the Maul over the Eveningstar every time.
Spear (Two Handed)
Cost: 10StrikeThrustAlt StrikeAlt Thrust
Head DMG45/40/32/27.5100/77/67/4575/64/48/35100/75/65/45
Body DMG30/25/17/12.575/62/52/3860/49/33/2070/60/50/35
Leg DMG30/20/12/7.570/57/42/2855/39/23/1065/50/40/30
Details: A phenomenal weapon. Tremendous reach, strong thrust damage, low strike damage. Peerless on horseback. Switch to alt-attack mid-fight to surprise your opponent with faster attacks.
Zweihander (Two Handed)
Cost: 10StrikeThrustAlt StrikeAlt Thrust
Head DMG115/100/70/55100/75/70/45100/70/52/48100/78/70/48
Body DMG100/75/55/4075/60/55/4060/55/37/3375/63/55/40
Leg DMG70/60/40/3465/50/45/3050/40/22/1865/53/45/35
Details: Probably the two-handed sword I see used most often. Like a Greatsword, but greater. Slow windup, enormous damage, excellent range even in alt-attack mode. Considerd by many to be the best weapon in Mordhau. I think it's ONE OF the best.
Halberd (Two Handed)
Cost: 11StrikeThrustAlt StrikeAlt Thrust
Head DMG115/100/65/55100/85/65/45160/120/80/70100/85/65/45
Body DMG100/60/50/4070/65/50/40100/60/50/4070/65/50/40
Leg DMG85/50/40/3765/50/35/2585/50/40/3765/50/35/25
Details: The Halberd is to the Pole Axe what the Zweihander is to the Greatsword. Very slow, but incredible damage and a very long reach, especially in alt-attack mode. One of the very best weapons you can get.

Mordhau ranged weapon stats (archery and throwables)

And now we get to the bows and throwing weapons (and by throwing weapons I mean the weapons where all you can do is throw, rather than the various melee weapons which can also be thrown, such as the Dagger or the Maul). The throwables are fairly easy to understand and not too much differentiates them, but the bows are far more intricate and, as with ranged combat in general, you'll need to put some serious time and thought into how you approach your use of these destructive tools.

Cost: 7Shot
Head DMG110/100/62/60
Body DMG60/50/42/40
Leg DMG50/40/35/31
Speed (Draw/Reload)300/2300ms
Max Ammo12
Details: The fastest firing bow with the fastest-moving projectiles, and the only bow that allows you to aim indefinitely - but a long time between shots, and no "sweet spot" so you'll always have to contend with aim drift.
Recurve Bow
Cost: 7Shot
Head DMG100/70/43/40
Body DMG50/40/23/20
Leg DMG40/34/20/15
Speed (Draw/Reload)700/800ms
Max Ammo24
Details: The most forgiving bow, with faster reloads and less pronounced sway than the others and less "bullet drop", but not as much damage. As of Patch #7 you can now run while drawing/releasing/reloading the Recurve Bow, which gives you tonnes more mobility than the other two bows.
Cost: 11Shot
Head DMG100/100/54/50
Body DMG70/50/36/34
Leg DMG50/40/27/25
Speed (Draw/Reload)1100/1100ms
Max Ammo16
Details: Extremely costly, slow-firing, and difficult to use properly. But the Longbow deals excellent damage over any range, and is therefore the most popular bow in Mordhau.
Cost: 1Throw
Head DMG43/40/32/30
Body DMG23/20/17/15
Leg DMG13/10/7/5
Speed (Draw/Reload)600/400ms
Max Ammo5
Details: More for fun and games, because apart from the fact that you can carry 5 per slot, the damage is nothing like as good as the others.
Throwing Knife
Cost: 2Throw
Head DMG95/65/35/30
Body DMG55/50/20/15
Leg DMG40/35/5/5
Speed (Draw/Reload)400/400ms
Max Ammo4
Details: Nearly as damaging as the Thowing Axe against lightly armoured opponents, but much worse against heavy armour. To compensate, they're faster to "draw", and you can hold twice as many.
Throwing Axe
Cost: 2Throw
Head DMG100/100/60/43
Body DMG60/55/50/35
Leg DMG40/35/20/15
Speed (Draw/Reload)600/400ms
Max Ammo2
Details: Minus the Javelin, this is the best throwable impact weapon to use against highly armoured opponents. Great damage, but you can only hold 2 per slot.
Cost: 3Throw
Head DMG100/100/100/65
Body DMG100/70/55/50
Leg DMG80/50/40/35
Speed (Draw/Reload)1250+300ms
Max Ammo2
Details: 3 points is a lot to spend on a throwable weapon, but this gives you 2 Javelins which deal the highest damage of anything in this table. Capable of two-shotting heavy armour or one-shotting unarmoured.

Mordhau Peasant weapon stats (Peasant perk weapons)

You can find the list of remaining weapons below which you can only use by finding them on the map, or by picking up the 8-cost Peasant perk for your character. I haven't included my personal opinions on each of these weapons, because honestly I don't rate any of them highly - much like the Peasant perk itself, which you'd know if you've read my Mordhau perks guide. But the full stats are below, so enjoy!

Carving Knife (One Handed)
Cost: 1StrikeThrustThrow
Head DMG22/18/12/1025/22/15/13140/85/45/30
Body DMG17/13/7/520/17/10/840/35/25/15
Leg DMG12/8/4.5/2.515/12/5/330/25/15/5
Pitchfork (Two Handed)
Cost: 1StrikeThrust
Head DMG27/25/22/1830/25/22/18
Body DMG17/15/12/820/15/12/8
Leg DMG12/10/7/315/10/7/3
Frying Pan (One Handed)
Cost: 2StrikeThrustThrow
Head DMG48/47/46/4538/37/36/3550/45/27/25
Body DMG33/32/31/3023/22/21/2030/25/22/20
Leg DMG28/22/21/2018/12/11/1020/15/12/10
Heavy Branch (One Handed)
Cost: 2StrikeThrustThrow
Head DMG47/45/40/3547/43/35/3075/72/60/55
Body DMG42/40/35/3037/33/25/2050/47/45/40
Leg DMG41/38/32/2632/23/15/1040/37/35/30
Sickle (One Handed)
Cost: 2StrikeThrust
Head DMG100/55/40/2525/20/15/13
Body DMG55/40/25/2020/15/10/8
Leg DMG45/30/10/515/10/7/5
Wooden Shovel (Two Handed)
Cost: 2StrikeThrust
Head DMG30/27/25/2030/25/22/18
Body DMG25/22/20/1520/15/12/8
Leg DMG20/17/15/1015/10/7/3
Rake (Two Handed)
Cost: 3StrikeThrust
Head DMG42/38/30/2035/30/25/20
Body DMG37/33/25/1525/20/15/10
Leg DMG32/23/15/520/15/10/5
Hoe (Two Handed)
Cost: 4StrikeThrust
Head DMG50/45/39/3535/30/25/20
Body DMG45/40/34/3025/20/15/10
Leg DMG30/30/24/2720/15/10/5
Rusty Fork (Two Handed)
Cost: 4StrikeThrust
Head DMG35/30/25/2070/65/45/40
Body DMG25/20/15/1055/50/35/30
Leg DMG20/15/10/545/40/20/15
Club (Two Handed)
Cost: 5StrikeThrust
Head DMG80/79/56/5580/34/31/30
Body DMG50/49/46/4530/29/26/25
Leg DMG45/34/31/3025/19/16/15
Rusty Shovel (Two Handed)
Cost: 5StrikeThrust
Head DMG57/54/39/3340/39/25/20
Body DMG52/40/34/2835/34/20/15
Leg DMG37/30/24/2530/29/15/10
Scythe (Two Handed)
Cost: 5StrikeThrust
Head DMG120/100/35/3023/20/17/15
Body DMG100/80/25/2018/15/12/10
Leg DMG90/70/15/1013/10/7/5
Pickaxe (Two Handed)
Cost: 6StrikeThrust
Head DMG100/100/47/4435/32/28/20
Body DMG47/45/37/3430/27/23/15
Leg DMG37/35/22/1920/17/13/5
Sledgehammer (Two Handed)
Cost: 6StrikeThrustAlt StrikeAlt Thrust
Head DMG100/100/75/6552/48/45/38100/100/68/6023/22/21/20
Body DMG80/70/60/5042/38/35/2875/62/53/4513/12/11/10
Leg DMG70/60/50/4037/33/30/2365/52/43/3513/7/6/5

Mordhau Fists/Brawler damage stats

Finally, for completion's sake, below are the damage values for all the fist attacks both with and without the Brawler perk.

StrikeThrustBrawler StrikeBrawler Thrust
Head DMG45/40/30/2530/25/17/1555/55/35/3540/40/25/25
Body DMG30/25/20/1520/15/12/1040/40/25/2530/30/20/20
Leg DMG20/15/10/515/10/7/530/30/15/1525/25/15/15

And that's more or less everything, I think. Let me know if there's anything I've missed or misread down in the comments, but hopefully this should have given you a decent grasp of every weapon in Mordhau and how to use them to the very best of their - and your - abilities. And do check out our other guides if you have the time!

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