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Fan Service: Mortal Kombat X Enlists Kitana


Fighting with fans is, of course, cool as all heck, so I never understand how Mortal Kombat's fanfight lady Kitana managed to make it goofy. If the very-much-flesh-and-blood Jackie Chan can make fan fighting look so exciting and skilled, why is the unreal Kitana so boring? The answer is probably "because the other fighter is actually trying to punch her, and not only punch her but stab her, set her ablaze, and tear her spine out too." But still! The point is: Kitana is returning to the rebooted Mortal Kombat, a new trailer for Mortal Kombat X reveals. She's still not cool.

If you want to track every knot, bump, and turn of the marketing campaign, this trailer also marks the first moving-3D-pictures looks at returning cowboy monk Kung Lao and the four-armed Goro. He's being dangled from a stick as pre-order bonus DLC, though, so don't look at him. Don't give him the satisfaction.

Mortal Kombat X is due on April 14th. You know, I do quite like the look of the insectile new fighter D'Vorah, as seen in this trailer. The world needs more insectile ladies crawling with iridescent grubs, speaking for hive minds, and throwing wasp grenades at people.

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