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Mortal Shell: Where To Find Harros' Shell

Harros is the most balanced of Mortal Shell’s Shells with no real downsides, other than, it has no standout features. In this guide I'll explain where to find it.

Harros is the game’s starter Shell, offering a nice balance of health to stamina, a standard block, and no frills unlockables. This means it’s usable in every scenario, but it won’t stand out either.

Here’s where you can find Harros’ Shell if you’ve had a nightmare and missed it the first time around.

Where to find Harros’ Shell

Once you’ve finished the tutorial area, you’ll spawn in a watery cave. Right in front of you, you’ll spot a hole in the rock. Crawl through the tunnel - which takes a surprisingly long time - until you emerge on the other side.

Keep moving forwards and you’ll come to a fork in the road. Take the path leading off the left and you’ll spot Harros’ Shell leaning against the wall. Interact with it, watch or skip the cutscene and it’ll be yours!

Don’t be alarmed if the game doesn’t acknowledge that you’ve picked up Harros’ Shell. Whenever you get a new Shell, you’ll have to unlock its identity by spending your Tar and Glimpses with Sister Genessa. After you’ve done this, you’ll then be able to upgrade your Shell with unique stat boosts, abilities, and the like.

To continue, take the path you ignored previously and you’ll soon reach Mortal Shell’s first proper area, Fallgrim.

The next Shell you’ll want to grab is Tiel’s. It’s located in Fallgrim and will suit those of you who like dashing all over the place. Solomon's Shell isn't too far away from here, so that's definitely worth grabbing as well. And, if you're really feeling it, Eredrim's is worth chasing down early if you need a tankier build to get past some tougher sections.

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